Our Impact / Economic Growth

Job Creation

We are pleased to play a role in driving prosperity worldwide. We continue to be excited by the potential to invest, invent, and create jobs that help individuals, families, and neighbours thrive.
A man in a construction helmet and orange safety jacket is photographed at a construction site on Amazon's campus in Seattle, WA. He is using a circular saw to cut through metal.

Creating high-quality jobs is fundamental to delighting our customers.

From employees in our HQs to our fulfilment centres, we’re always looking for passionate, customer-obsessed people to help us innovate. Amazon now employs more than 150,000 people in permanent roles across 21 EU Member States, including more than 35,000 people in professional functions and more than 10,000 people in specialist ICT sector roles.

Creating opportunity for Europeans across EU Member States – and employing 150,000 people

In addition to jobs, Amazon provided more than 3.5 million hours of training to employees in our Operations functions in 2022 and has invested over €540 billion since 2010 in the EU business.