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Curious about what happens behind the scenes when you shop Amazon?

Learn more during a virtual tour of one of Amazon’s fulfilment centres (FCs), where employees pick, pack, and ship customer orders around the world.
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Federica Perito FC Tour Manager TRN1 - Italy
If you’ve ever wanted to see inside one of Amazon’s massive fulfilment centres, here’s your chance. The FC Tours programme is offering virtual tours around the world, allowing visitors to see what it’s like to work inside the facilities. Visitors will also get a glimpse of the great technology and people at the centre of Amazon.

From our world class tour leaders to the FC Tour itself, we strive to create a fun experience, and we think you just might learn something in the process. So if you’ve ever wondered how that product in your online shopping cart gets from Amazon to you, now you can see for yourself.

Many fulfilment centres span the equivalent of 28 football fields and can hold tens of millions of items on any given day. Yes, tens of millions. Our employees pick, pack, and ship Amazon customer orders at more than 175 such facilities worldwide.
The view inside an Amazon fulfillment center. Boxes of product are show on conveyor belts.
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The scale of the centres can be difficult to grasp, even in person, but virtual tours can help visitors get a sense of how it all works. We are proud to showcase our FC Tour programme, and we look forward to your visit.

To sign up for a virtual tour, visit here.

If you’re a member of the press and would like to visit one of our fulfilment centres, please reach out to amazon-pr@amazon.com with your reporting request. We’ll work with you to arrange a visit.
Why are they called "fulfilment centres"?

We call our warehouses fulfilment centres because the entire process is fulfilled from start to finish – inventory comes in from manufacturers and is shipped out directly to customers.

Amazon is expanding its free in-person tours at fulfilment centres worldwide

Amazon’s in-person fulfilment centre tours are opening in new buildings and customers and employees can schedule a free in-person tour today. Here’s how to sign up.
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