This year Amazon has announced billions of euros in European investments, spanning our logistics and cloud infrastructure, research and development, and the creation of thousands of new jobs across the region.

In Spain – where Amazon has created more jobs than any other company in the past five years – Amazon Web Services (AWS) plans to invest €15.7 billion over the next decade, expanding its AWS Europe (Spain) Region in Aragón. This investment will support an estimated 17,500 full-time equivalent jobs in local businesses on an annual average basis, and will contribute an estimated €21.6 billion to Spain’s gross domestic product (GDP) through to 2033.

Pedro Sánchez, Prime Minister of Spain and Andy Jassy, Amazon CEO.

In Germany, we announced planned investments of €10 billion to drive innovation and support the expansion of our logistics network and cloud infrastructure across the country. We're also creating 4,000 new jobs this year at three new fulfilment centres, meaning that, by the end of the year, we will have more than 40,000 permanent employees in Germany, in more than 100 cities and municipalities. As part of our investment in Germany, AWS plans to make a €8.8 billion investment by 2026, to continue to build, maintain, and operate its cloud infrastructure for the AWS Europe (Frankfurt) Region. Additionally, we announced AWS’s plans to invest €7.8 billion into the AWS European Sovereign Cloud through 2040 - meaning we have confirmed planned investments in Germany totalling €17.8 billion. The AWS European Sovereign Cloud is planning to launch its first AWS Region in the State of Brandenburg by the end of 2025.

German Federal Chancellor, Olaf Scholz welcomed Amazon CEO, Andy Jassy, and Country Manager for, Rocco Bräuniger, to the Chancellery  to discuss the company's investment of 10 billion euros in jobs and innovation.
Country Manager for, Rocco Bräuniger; German Federal Chancellor, Olaf Scholzand; and Amazon CEO, Andy Jassy.

We also announced plans to invest more than €1.2 billion into our French operations, which will lead to the creation of more than 3,000 permanent jobs in France – in addition to the 2,000 new jobs already announced for 2024. This includes increased investment in AWS cloud infrastructure to meet the demand for AWS services in France, driven by the potential of cloud computing and artificial intelligence (AI), as well as logistics infrastructure in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, to increase delivery speeds and improve sustainable deliveries for customers.

Jorrit Van der Meulen, VP EU Stores at Amazon, said: “Our investment announcements this year clearly illustrate our deep commitment to Europe and our millions of European customers. From our logistics network and sustainability initiatives to our cloud infrastructure and world-class R&D sites, I’m proud of what we’ve achieved in Europe, and very excited for what’s to come.”

Tanuja Randery, Vice President and Managing Director, Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) at AWS, said: “These investments reinforce our continued commitment to empowering our customers and partners across Europe, and helping them to unlock the potential of cloud computing and generative AI to accelerate innovation, enhance competitiveness, and create new opportunities. Beyond our direct investments, and the creation of new jobs, we continue to support local schools and community groups by investing in skills, education programmes, and sustainability initiatives because we want to enable individuals and organisations, uplift communities, and drive sustainable progress that resonates far beyond our core operations.”

Elsewhere in Europe – and also announced this year – we are expanding Amazon Games with a new development studio in Bucharest, Romania; we’ve enabled our first wind energy projects in Poland and 12 new renewable energy projects in Spain; and we will be launching a new dedicated online store in Ireland,, in 2025.

In addition, AWS announced a strategic collaboration with Bord na Móna which includes investment in up to 800MW of new renewable energy projects in Ireland; we provided €1.1 million in funding for the establishment of Belgium’s newest national park; and we announced our support of Madrid’s flagship environmental project, Arco Verde, with a €2.2m contribution.

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