On the one-year anniversary of its launch, the Amazon Counterfeit Crimes Unit highlights successes and outlines how governments and businesses can work together to hold counterfeiters accountable. Continue reading
At Amazon we want to hire and develop the best and be able to innovate on behalf of our customers. That’s why we’re introducing a series of skills enablement workshops to empower any student to be ready to chart their own career path. Continue reading
Helping customers discover and shop for more sustainable products is at the heart of the Climate Pledge Friendly program, launched one year ago for our European customers. Continue reading
The seasonal roles are in addition to 23,000 permanent employees Amazon has in Poland, offering highly competitive wages and benefits. Continue reading
AWS InCommunities Global Leader Cornelia Robinson shares her inspiration and aspiration to drive global change in tech. Continue reading
Amazon is a powerful engine of growth for the national economy - revitalizing communities across Europe through job creation, economic investment, and innovative services.

Amazon to open its first fulfillment center in the Republic of Ireland

The new fulfillment center will provide faster delivery for customers across Ireland and create hundreds of new roles at Amazon.

Amazon is growing its total workforce to 23,000 permanent jobs and continues to invest heavily in Poland

Amazon announced that it has created 5,000 new jobs in Poland since 2020, bringing its total permanent workforce to 23,000. This includes positions for people with all kind of experience, education, background and skills – from entry-level positions in operations to engineers, managers and cloud-computing experts – in locations across the country, from the company’s head office and tech hubs to fulfillment centers.
Economic impact
See how Amazon's investments have
impacted the European Union.
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EU map for Economic Impact
At Amazon, we’re able to innovate and delight customers thanks to our incredible workforce—the more than 250,000 full-time associates behind our global network of fulfillment centers. Amazon Fulfilment is where our employees, technology and innovation come together every day to delight customers.

Amazon’s new programs give returned and unsold inventory new life

FBA Liquidations and FBA Grade and Resell programs are Amazon’s next steps in helping to build a circular economy

Join our team on a guided video-tour through our Fulfillment Centers

The wellbeing of our employees and guests is of paramount importance to us. While in-person tours of our Fulfillment Centers are paused at the moment, our FC Tours team is bringing the tour to you! Let us show you what happens behind the scenes when you shop on Amazon. Start your video tour now.
Half of the items sold on Amazon worldwide are from small and medium-sized businesses that offer their products through Amazon Marketplace

Small and medium-sized businesses' success on Amazon – more than 1.8 billion products from SMBs sold across Europe in 2020

Last year, European small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) sold more than 1.8 billion products on Amazon store. They have also created over 550,000 jobs in Europe to date to support their businesses online.

Prime Day 2021: Two biggest days ever for small and medium-sized businesses

Lucia and Anna. Two women, mother and daughter, run a business specializing in the production of traditional Venetian masks, and they have managed to lead it into the future thanks to Amazon.it.
We're a company of builders. Of pioneers. It's our job to make bold bets, and we get our energy from inventing on behalf of customers. Here are just some of the innovations pioneered by Amazon, and we're always looking for the next one.

FORMULA 1 and AWS develop next-generation race car

F1 reveals new car design made possible by operating project in AWS Cloud, saving time and money

Amazon announces an initiative to help protect against cyberattacks

Amazon to make Security Awareness training available for individuals and businesses, providing knowledge on secure ways to protect sensitive information and fight against cyber security events.
Discover how we work with policymakers in the EU.

Amazon and GoPro File Joint Lawsuit against Counterfeiters

In response to alleged GoPro trademark infringement by a number of sellers on Amazon stores, the two companies start legal proceedings aimed at holding the responsible counterfeiters accountable.

How Amazon and third-party sellers together give customers more choice

At Amazon we are obsessed with making sure customers can have the best shopping experience. Our goal is to make sure when customers search for something they want, they can find it at a great price and available to be delivered as quickly as possible.
Our Leadership Principles
Our Leadership Principles aren't just a pretty inspirational wall hanging. These Principles work hard, just like we do. It's just one of the things that makes Amazon peculiar.
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Amazon's leadership principles displayed on a wall in our Washington DC office
We seek top talent from all industries and a range of backgrounds to join our offices around the world. People who succeed at Amazon have something in common—they are customer-centric, they are leaders and they are innovators.

Upskilling program, AWS re/Start, doubles its global presence

The AWS program is now available in 52 cities across 25 countries, from Kenya to New Zealand, focusing on creating a diverse tech pipeline for communities around the world.

How to Take that First Step Toward a Career as a Cloud Developer

AWS Training and Certification helps ambitious professionals aim higher in their career development.
Amazon has long been committed to communities where our employees live and work. Today, we're diving deeper than ever to provide innovative, creative and unique ways to support communities across the world.

We are focused on our neighbors in immediate need - families fighting homelessness, hunger, and natural disasters, We are also focused on the next generation - providing resources and igniting passion for STEM education.

How Amazon is helping those impacted by the floods in Western Europe

The floods have heavily impacted Western Europe, and at Amazon we are supporting the affected regions.

How Amazon contributed to disaster recovery efforts in Turkey

With devastating wildfires and floods that happened across Turkey, Amazon supported non-profits with both immediate relief and long-term recovery efforts.
We put our scale and inventive culture to work on sustainability and protecting the environment.

Amazon's Sustainability Data Initiative helps advance climate research

We’re collaborating with SilverLining and the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) to run the first ever full-production climate-model simulations and expanding access to data from this research to scientists everywhere.

Amazon pledges support to forests and communities in the Brazilian Amazon

As part of our commitment to The Climate Pledge—reaching net-zero carbon by 2040—Amazon is investing in the Agroforestry and Restoration Accelerator, a new nature-based carbon removal initiative.

Our mission

We aim to be Earth’s most customer centric company. Our mission is to continually raise the bar of the customer experience by using the internet and technology to help consumers find, discover and buy anything, and empower businesses and content creators to maximise their success.

How we operate

We have four core principles that guide us in delivering on our mission. These include customer obsession rather than competitor focus, nurturing a passion for invention, maintaining a commitment to operational excellence, and a focus on long-term thinking.
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