For the third year in a row, Amazon hosted its Amazon Stars global campaign in 13 countries, including Australia, Brazil, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Poland, Singapore, Slovakia, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Over 40 employees were spotlighted and recognized for their contributions at work and in their local communities.

“At Amazon, diversity and inclusivity are at the heart of our workplace culture. Part of our mission as a top employer is to celebrate our people and offer a welcoming environment where they can be themselves. I’m proud of all the talented people on our teams, and I love seeing how so many of them use their time and special skills to support their colleagues and their communities. I am delighted to celebrate our Amazon Stars and support them by contributing to their noble causes,” said Stefano Perego, VP for Amazon Customer Fulfillment in North America and Europe & Global Operations Services.

Among all the different colleague-generated nominations, there were many compelling stories about real local heroes who go the extra mile and raise the bar in the communities where they live and work. To celebrate these heroes and their causes, Amazon contributed donations to their local social projects.

  • The support I receive from Amazon to pursue my passion for mentoring young people is excellent, and the ethos for community engagement on site is incredible.” - Jack Moore (United Kingdom)
  • "Thank you so much to Amazon for this beautiful gift, but most of all, thank you to all of you who help Ukrainian citizens. I really appreciate it.” - Mariya Trubych (Czech Republic)
  • The Amazon Star title is a huge recognition for me, and I wear it with pride every day. The meeting with famous actor Cezary Pazura was a nice surprise I am going to remember forever.” - Dominika Ząbek (Poland).
  • The recognition with the Amazon Stars title was an indescribably great moment in my life. It was a huge joy to be surprised by my colleagues and my soccer club. I still get tears in my eyes when I think back on it. I am proud to be part of the Amazon family.” - Enrico Dienel (Germany)
  • “Today, Amazon took care of all of us and literally made us stars. I’m very happy, thank you.” - Welton Silva (Brazil)
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The following is a list of our 2022 Amazon Stars from around the world:

  • Angela Buchanan (AU) delivers Meals on Wheels, and brightens up the life of our seniors.
  • John O’ Brien (AU) helps victims of fire put their lives back together after his own wife and baby son lost their lives in a house fire.
  • Annalisa Suon (AU) knits teddy bears to spread comfort and joy to children in hospitals.
  • Michael Guidi (AU), a weekend wildlife warrior who helps save our endangered animals.
  • Pip Penning (AU) raises awareness and funds for Lifeline.
  • Cinthya (AU), a licensed foster parent who provides respite care for foster children.
  • Bryce (AU) devotes his time to helping kids with cancer after surviving the disease in childhood.
  • Alasdair Grant (AU) organized a grass roots campaign to deliver top quality fresh food and vegetables to struggling families in Sydney when the city was in lockdown during the pandemic.
  • Mei Shan Wong (SG) volunteers at different local associations with children, seniors, and people with disabilities.
  • Reijo (SG) works at Amazon to stay active after being retired.
  • Jia Wei Lee (SG) tutors struggling children in Singapore.
  • Aleona Miami (SG) is a passionate leader and vlogger.
  • Ryo Oribe (JP), a former pro rugby player who leads Amazon safety trainings at his site.
  • Ryo Oyama (JP), an enthusiast in making cakes and sweets for his colleagues to encourage further communication.
  • Masako Okutsu (JP), an MBA student who is trying to become a better manager and encouraging women to be leaders.
  • Ayako Suzuki (JP), member of Glamazon (LGTBIQ+ Affinity Group) and internal communication in Customer Service organization across Japan.
  • Kaoru Nakajima (JP), Amazon Flex driver who encourages communication with other fellow drivers.
  • Kerry Robinson (UK) has volunteered at an animal shelter for 25 years.
  • Jack Moore (UK) helps at-risk youth interested in aviation learn to fly and completes aerobatic flight challenges in support of charities in his community.
  • Joseph Wilson (UK) mentors and encourages young, emerging artists to pursue a career in the music industry.
  • Uwe Arndt and Alexander Rudat (DE) volunteer as firefighters in their local communities.
  • Enrico Dienel (DE) teaches sports and fair play to local children.
  • Emmanuele Anelli (IT) is passionate about astronomy and volunteers at the Lodigiano Astronomical Observatory.
  • Pablo Antonio Sánchez (IT) makes TikTok videos to raise awareness about safety in the workplace. His goal is to teach safety rules in a fun way.
  • Vito Digiorgio (IT): after an injury, former pro player Vito trains children in his community to play soccer at a local school named after him.
  • Marta Mallo (ES), a local artist who works with nursing homes and NGOs to organize music events to raise funds and entertain seniors.
  • Amalia Vergara (ES): a long professional career as a fashion designer, she collaborates with fashion shows and charity events to which she donates her dresses.
  • Sergio Querencias (ES) writes about LGTBIQA+ themes with the aim of normalizing diverse relationships among young readers. He donated the profits from his first book to a nursing home in his town and will do the same with his second book, donating everything to an association for people with Parkinson’s disease.
  • Obed Soto (ES) produced electronic music under his own music project called Shotobi, which seeks to give visibility to mental health and LGTBIQA+ topics through the lyrics of his songs.
  • Yoann (FR) volunteers as a firefighter in his local community.
  • Quentin (FR) is a DJ who participates in local events to support young people and bring the community together.
  • Arkadiusz Dymalski (PL) organizes amateur film competitions to support people at risk of social exclusion and with stress. He also organizes film workshops for children and teenagers, and runs a local board games club.
  • Dominika Ząbek (PL) organized a gift funding campaign for local orphanages and educational institutions.
  • Damian Bubak (PL), a bone marrow donor who saved a patient’s life.
  • Dávid Macorlig (SK) volunteers teaching arts and crafts to local children and at camp for children with disabilities.
  • Mariya Trubych (CZ) started a non-profit to help Ukrainian refugees.
  • Diego Soto (MX) dresses as Santa and travels to remote communities in Mexico to deliver presents to children.
  • Antonieta Martínez (MX) fundraises through dance classes to support local community projects.
  • Priscila Liberato (BR) helps collect donations for impoverished families in Brazil.
  • Welton Ferreira (BR) teaches break dance to community teenagers to keep them off the streets.
  • Bruno Iwata (BR) volunteers to raise donations for the community.
  • Juliana Sá (BR) helps young people from poor communities through dancing and writing.
  • Livia Rodrigues (BR) teaches English to young people and children in need to give them more opportunities.