The male-dominated industry of trucking is changing, and more women are joining the ranks of trucking business owners and truck drivers.

Fanny Krause is a successful German entrepreneur who founded FK Transporte, a trucking company that partners with Amazon to carry loads across Europe. Through the Amazon Freight Partner programme, she has built a business and a lifestyle of which she is proud.

“Before joining the programme, I worked as a financing specialist for a large German credit company for fifteen years. After such a long time I felt my life was starting to get boring. I needed to start looking for new challenges and here I am!", she says.

Fanny and her husband love to travel with their seven-year-old daughter across Europe in their motor home. Her journey as an Amazon Freight Partner gives her the opportunity to decide when and how often they travel.

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Fanny Krause
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Fanny Krause
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Fanny Krause
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Fanny Krause

She says: “What I appreciate most now is the flexibility I have. I can decide at any time when and where I want to work, and I think that's really great. I can decide whether I do payroll now or just maybe tonight. Because I'm my own boss now and I can decide. That's flexibility for me.”

Fanny sees no reasons why women should not be working in logistics, even if it has been a traditionally male-led industry.

“I see no differences for me in logistics, just because I’m a woman. Logistics for me simply means being able to make quick decisions. To always think how can we quickly transport things from A to B.”

Michaela Brauer is from a small village near Halle, in Germany. She is one of FK Transporte’s truck drivers and she loves her job.

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Michaela Brauer
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Michaela Brauer
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Michaela Brauer
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Michaela Brauer

“Ever since I was little I was interested in tractors, trucks and just big machines. It’s always been my dream to drive a truck or a big machine myself at some point,” she says.

Michaela knows that the trucking industry is not always easy and is aware that she needs to be strong and assertive every day. However, she also knows it’s worth the effort and recommends those who share her dreams to give it a try.

“We need more strong women who dare to drive a truck, because the job is just fun!”