Milan and Padua are once again the cities whose inhabitants read the most books in digital format, followed by Cagliari and Trieste.

Luxembourg, August 12, 2019 - The seaside, the mountains or a city - whichever destination you’ve selected for a holiday, reading always turns out to be an ideal passtime for relaxing during the sunny summer months. Also this year, for the seventh consecutive year, has revealed the ranking featuring Italy’s most well-read cities, based on the number of books, magazines and newspapers in both Kindle and print format purchased by customers during the past year on a per capita basis in cities with more than 90,000 residents.*

Milan tops the reading charts for the seventh consecutive year, conquering the prize of the city whose inhabitants are the most passionate about books, both in print and digital format. Padua gained second place, compared to last year, this way displacing Turin, which has instead fallen to sixth place in the ranking of Italy’s most well-read cities. This year’s revelation is Pisa, which has entered the top ten for the first time, soaring directly to third position, followed in turn by Bologna and Rome, which are firmly positioned at the bottom of the podium, in fourth and fifth place respectively.
The Top 10 Most Well-Read Cities are:

1. Milan
2. Padua
3. Pisa
4. Bologna
5. Rome
6. Turin
7. Verona
8. Florence
9. Bergamo
10. Vicenza

Behind the capital of Piedmont we have Verona and Florence, which have both lost a position, while still remaining in the ranking. Bergamo is holding on to the ninth position it gained as a new entry last year, while Cagliari slipped to eleventh place, on the edge of the top ten, this way leaving 10th place to Vicenza. Trento is another absentee: It has lost ground, falling to 12th place, behind Cagliari.

If you look at the ranking of the 10 Italian cities whose inhabitants prefer to read in digital format by downloading the texts from, Cagliari stands out in third place, while for the first two positions the situation remains unchanged, compared to the general classification, with Milan in the lead, followed by Padua. Trieste wins fourth place, followed by Trento, Bolzano, Verona, Vicenza, Bologna and Turin. Bergamo (13th), Florence (14th) and Rome (16th) are the most noticeable absentees among the top ten cities that love digital reading.

Cities and literary genres
Milan is the city that most appreciates different literary genres, as it reached first place in 7 of 8 rankings based on genre. The Capital of Lombardy is in fact the city whose inhabitants read the most non-fiction books and books about cooking, science fiction and fantasy, travel, DIY/passions/hobbies, economics and finance, wellness. However, the city performs less well in the list featuring the cities where romance novels are most popular, which is led by Bolzano. Bologna is a city dedicated to good food, since it came in second in the cookbook ranking, while Florence won the silver medal for travel books. Pisa is second in the non-fiction list and also in the science fiction and fantasy list, where Trieste won the bronze medal.

The Three Most Popular Books
As for the favorite printed books of Italians, the ranking is led by the biography of a great Italian soccer champion, Un capitano, by Francesco Totti, followed in second position by Vivere 120 anni. La verità che nessuno vuole raccontarti by Adriano Panzironi. In third place we have a great classic: Il Piccolo Principe, by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Italy’s favorite books in digital format include Laurie (the Italian version), by Stephen King, followed by Eleonor Oliphant sta benissimo by Gail Honeyman and Tre cadaveri by Raffaele Malavasi in third place.

Summer reads
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* From July 2018 to July 2019