To meet the increasing customer demand and add capacity to its delivery network, Amazon has announced plans to open a delivery station in Antwerp by the end of 2022. Amazon will operate the site and work with small and medium-sized independent local delivery companies in addition to its existing carrier partners in Belgium.

Packages will be shipped to the delivery station from the existing European fulfillment and sortation centers, including in France and Germany. Once arrived in Antwerp, the packages will be sorted by address and delivered to customers in Antwerp’s city center and in the wider city area.

The future site will start its operations by the end of 2022, creating more than 50 direct permanent jobs for the management team and sortation associates working inside the delivery station. Learn more about openings and career opportunities now available in Belgium here. In addition to this, the site will create indirect opportunities for more than 200 drivers working for local delivery companies, who will collect parcels from the station and deliver them to Amazon customers. To find out more about becoming a delivery service partner with Amazon, people interested in starting their own delivery business can reach out to our team via email here.

Since Amazon started serving customers in Belgium, we have established trustful relationships with carriers operating in the country and will continue working closely with them in the future. We are committed to providing efficient delivery for customers and creating hundreds of jobs for the talented workforce in the area. This is why, to meet the increasing customer demand, Amazon will also set up its own delivery station at Antwerp BlueGate. This is positive news for our local partners, our future employees and our customers in the area
Robert Viegers, Vice-president for Amazon Logistics Europe

Amazon continues to invest in its transportation infrastructure and other innovative ways to expand its supply chain capacity. The company is also innovating in last mile delivery solutions to enhance the customer and employee experience.

Customers will benefit by being able to choose a dedicated safe place for delivery of their parcel if they are not at home, Map Tracking, which shows them how many stops the driver has before their delivery is due, as well as Photo on Delivery, which shows customers that their package was safely delivered. These services would automatically become available for packages delivered through the Amazon delivery station in Antwerp.

Delivery partners and their drivers will benefit from technological advancements like intelligent route planning to support them delivering packages to customers.

As part of Amazon’s commitment to be net-zero carbon across its business by 2040, the building is designed with energy efficiency as a top priority and targets an ‘Excellent’ certification by BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method). Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) is controlled by a digital building management system (BMS) that ensures a comfortable working environment at the same time as reducing unnecessary energy consumption. The building is equipped with solar panels and LED lighting. The project has more than 8.000 m2 of green space and includes a water drainage network to collect and reuse rainwater.

Amazon is on a path to powering its operations with 100% renewable energy by 2025, reaching 65% in 2020, and is now the biggest corporate buyer of renewable energy in Europe and the world. For locations of our renewable energy projects globally, see here. In 2019, Amazon co-founded The Climate Pledge – a commitment to be net-zero carbon across our business by 2040, 10 years ahead of the Paris Agreement. Find out more here.