Amazon continues to grow its France-based workforce as part of its uninterrupted investment in the country and announced the creation of 3,000 additional full-time jobs in 2022, bringing its total workforce to 18,500 employees by the end of the year. In 2021, Amazon created 4,000 jobs, surpassing its initial 3,000 projected hires. The new positions offer various levels of experience, training and skills, including logistics operations officers, vendor managers, experienced engineers or software developers, brand specialists, human resources managers, IT specialists, data scientists, machine learning professionals as well as business school graduates.

“We have created over 10,000 full-time jobs in France over the past five years”, said Frédéric Duval, Country Manager, "We have invested more than €11 billion in our French businesses since 2010 to support the tens of millions of customers and the thousands of small and medium French businesses who rely on us every day to get the things they want or grow their business. As a result of those investments, Amazon has become a major job creator in the country."

We have created over 10,000 full-time jobs in France over the past five years.
Frédéric Duval, Country Manager,

In addition to our direct job creation, thousands of additional jobs have been created as a result of Amazon's activity in France. Over 13,000 France-based small and medium-sized enterprises sell their products in Amazon’s stores across the world and use the tools and services we build to help them grow, supporting more than 25,000 additional jobs in France.

Eric Cairou, founder of the online delicatessen market jemangefranç explains, “today, our company not only employs 10 people, but also contributes to the livelihood of many French artisans and producers across France. We are at the beginning of our story and Amazon is an essential partner. In 2022, we are planning on creating 4 additional jobs to support our growth.”

Building an inclusive and empowering workplace

Amazon provides all kinds of jobs for all kinds of people in France and proposes competitive salaries for all employees. In our logistics centers, all employees benefit from attractive remuneration and benefits from the moment they join the company. In France, after 24 months in a permanent contract, the remuneration of an order picker is about 26% above the SMIC. In addition, eligible employees benefit from, among other things, a free share allocation plan and employee profit-sharing. The company is committed to equal chance in hiring: parity index is among the highest of the industry at 94/100.

Amazon also offers innovative training opportunities for employees to develop their skills and build their career. For example, with the Career Choice program, Amazon offers to pre-pay up to 95% of tuition fees related to training programs for up to four years.

"In February 2021, Amazon also signed a national agreement with Pôle emploi, through which we reiterated our commitment to diversity and equal opportunities in recruitment. Within this framework, we pay particular attention to the integration of young people from priority neighborhoods”, continued David Lewkowitz, Amazon France Logistics President.

"As part of the national agreement with Amazon, Pôle Emploi is supporting the company in its recruitment efforts throughout France. Pôle emploi has been fully mobilised to support the recent opening of Amazon's logistics platform on the Frescaty plateau and with the help of Pôle emploi agencies in Moselle, Amazon has already recruited 500 logistics agents on permanent contracts. In accordance with the commitments of the agreement, Amazon has also made use of the Emplois Francs scheme to enable candidates who are furthest from the labour market to benefit from these employment opportunities. This commitment is bearing fruit, particularly in Brétigny-sur-Orge in the Ile-de-France region, since by the end of 2021, 300 people had been recruited thanks to this scheme", says Jean Bassères, Director General of Pôle emploi.

Last month, Amazon was certified Top Employer for the third year in a row in France. The Top Employer certification recognizes employers’ quality work environment and the career development opportunities they offer their staff. Amazon has been awarded this certification in respect of its entire French business including its store, fulfillment centers in over 30 towns across France and Cloud services via Amazon Web Services. This latest certification highlights Amazon’s programs designed to enable staff to take the initiative and build their career in a work environment conducive for self-fulfillment. The certification is awarded while more than 80% of the company's employees say they are satisfied with their work at Amazon. And in the distribution centers, eight out of ten employees recommend Amazon to their friends and family.

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