Amazon announced a new feature for its Echo devices that allows customers to control many printers in use today with their voice. They can also rely on Alexa to keep track of ink/toner levels and provide a way to easily re-order when they are running low. They can learn more about it through Alexa on the Smart Home page, or simply start by asking “Alexa, discover my devices”.

Customers will have the ability to do simple printing tasks with voice and link their account to relevant 3P skills to print additional content. This includes items that Alexa already has access to, including shopping lists or to-do lists, as well as a wide variety of content via 3rd party skills, such as puzzles from TCA Brainteasers (TCA Brain Teasers Skill in the UK, Rätsel von TCA Skill in Germany, TCA Casse-têtes in France, Rompicapi TCA in Italy and Rompecabezas de TCA in Spain) and Maths4all in the UK.

Connecting is easy. Customers just need to say “Alexa, discover my printer” or click on “Add Devices” and select “Printer” in the Alexa App.
Check your local Alexa Print page and see everything that you can print (UK, DE, FR, IT, ES).

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