When Ring announced the launch of Ring Intercom, Rob from Wakefield in the UK was quick to order one, knowing that it could make a big difference to his life.

Having developed a mobility impairment in recent years, Rob has days when answering his intercom can be a real challenge. Being able to speak to visitors and buzz them into his building using his smartphone would make things a lot more convenient for him, especially when he was away from home, or his intercom handset.

“I have a mobility impairment, so I’m not always able to answer the door,” said Rob. “I bought Ring Intercom to be able to answer the door when I’m either not in the house or confined to my bed.” 

Rob used our online Compatibility Checker to confirm that Ring Intercom would work with his current intercom handset, ensuring that the installation process would go smoothly. “It was a breeze to install! I’m not very good at DIY and I managed it in less than thirty minutes.”

Rob installing Ring

Having installed Ring Intercom, Rob found that he was immediately able to make use of the Two-Way Talk and Remote Unlock features to speak to visitors and buzz them in using his smartphone.

Recently, Rob was having some adaptations made to his flat. During this time he was able to combine the use of his Ring Intercom and Video Doorbell - answering his intercom to various tradespeople and then seeing them arrive at the door of his flat before letting them in. 

Day-to-day, he can let delivery drivers into the building and ask them to leave his packages in a safe place without having to get up from his bed. He can then pick up his deliveries when he is feeling more mobile. 


“If someone was to ask me why they should get Ring Intercom, I’d say it makes it so much easier to open the door, without getting to the door.”

Ring Intercom complements Rob’s existing Ring security system which he installed after an incident in which two strangers attempted to enter his ground floor flat. Following this, Rob decided to add a Ring Video Doorbell and five Stick Up Cams to his home, along with a Chime Pro. 

With all his Ring devices connected and linked in the Ring app, he now receives audible alerts around his home whenever someone arrives at his home. If he is out and about, he’ll get alerts on his phone too.

Rob with phone

Rob has even connected his Ring devices with Alexa, so he can control them all using voice commands. This is especially useful when it comes to unlocking his building entrance, since he can now do it hands-free with Ring Intercom.

“I can control the Ring Intercom with Alexa and just ask her to unlock the door.”


Ring products are designed for accessibility, with features that accommodate and support the needs of all our customers. We continue to develop and add helpful, intuitive features that can solve day-to-day needs without complex set-up or advanced technical understanding. 

The installation of Ring Intercom and all of his other Ring devices has made a big difference to Rob’s life, especially during times when his mobility is impaired. As his story demonstrates, the ability to answer your intercom from anywhere is a big benefit if you’re unable to get to your intercom when someone drops by. Ring Intercom is ideal for apartment-dwellers who work away from home, frequent travelers, or anyone who wants to make their everyday a little easier. 

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