It’s been a landmark year for non-English language films and movies on Prime Video. In February, Argentinian Original Argentina 1985 took home a Golden Globe at this year’s ceremony, followed swiftly by films and series such as Fakes (Farzi, from India) The Gryphon (Der Greif, Germany) Sayen (Chile) and Gangs of Lagos (Nigeria) all finding huge global audiences and appearing in the top 10 most watched titles in multiple countries outside of where they were originally made.

And now, My Fault and Medellin have become the two biggest travelling non-English language Originals launches in Prime Video history*. That means they had the biggest audiences, outside of the country in which they were made, that we’ve ever seen.

We knew we had something special with My Fault. It’s based on Mercedes Ron's best-selling Culpables book trilogy, which has a global fandom, and since launch the film has ranked in the top 10 most watched titles in over 190 countries, including US, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and France. To date, more than 75% of total viewing of the title has come from outside Spain, its country of origin. It’s a testament to our commitment to seeking out stories that connect with our customers, both locally and internationally, and making them a truly compelling watch on screen. You can watch the trailer here.

My Fault
My Fault
My Fault

Medellin, which follows a young YouTuber fascinated by Pablo Escobar, launched on June 2 and is now the second biggest launch of a non-English language movie ever, again watched in more than 170 countries internationally including UK, Spain, Germany, Italy and India. Like My Fault, we’ve seen around 75% of viewing coming from outside France. It’s a really fun watch (trailer here) and I’d really recommend checking it out if you want a funny, lean-back movie to chill with this weekend.


And for the first time ever we are sharing a snapshot of our Top 10 globally most watched non-English language series and movies on Prime Video from the last 12 months, based on performance outside of their country of origin**:

  1. My Fault (Culpa Mía, Movie, SpainJune 2023) 
  2. Medellin (Medellín, Movie, France, June 2023)
  3. Sayen (Movie, Chile, March 2023)
  4. A Private Affair (Un Asunto Privado, TV Series, Spain, September 2022)
  5. The Gryphon (Der Greif, TV Series, Germany, May 2023)
  6. Overdose (Movie, France, November, 2022)
  7. The Head of Joaquín Murrieta (La Cabeza de Joaquín Murrieta, TV Series, Mexico, February 2023)
  8. Fakes (Farzi, TV Series, India, February 2023)
  9. Gangs of Lagos (Movie, Nigeria, April 2023)
  10. Argentina 1985 (Movie, Argentina, October 2022)

It’s so pleasing to see our big local bets paying off at home and more widely around the world, and look forward to bringing even more local originals to our Prime Video customers over summer and beyond. Look out for Love Transit (Japan), Awareness (Spain) and of course, more local editions of our ever-popular franchise LOL: Last One Laughing in South Africa, Ireland and Nigeria!

*Based on opening 3 day viewing figures.

**Ranking based on 1P opening 3 day viewing figures. Titles launched in last 12 months. Month and year of release in brackets. Based on viewing data outside of country of origin.