For Amazon, customer obsession comes first. Across Europe, we’re delighted to be recognized by many consumer surveys, examining the impact of a qualitative service on the behaviors and attitudes of consumers.

Amazon gets high rating from consumer surveys

United Kingdom:
Back in 2015, Amazon has also topped the Havas “Most Meaningful Brand” survey, a poll of 300.000 consumers over 34 countries covering 1.000 brands across 12 industries.

We ranked #1 in Bearing Point’s customer relation podium in 2017 in e-commerce category.

We were also awarded “Top preferred retailer brand” by OC&C Strategy consulting group in November 2016. The OC&C survey examines the attractiveness of French retailer brands. It was conducted among 5,000 consumers who evaluated more than 100 retailer brands in 17 sectors.

In June 2017, Amazon won the award “Best brand in CX” for our customer experience, from Spanish Asociación DEC, an industry association of companies that have a strong customer facing firms.

For the third year in a row, our Italian customers have rated best company for customer service. More than 133,000 respondents, choosing it among 675 companies from 89 industries, from brick-and-mortar store chains, banks and airlines to online players were surveyed by the GIQF.