Our customer, Sharon Watson from Peterborough, was expecting nothing more than a delivery of a garden broom. Gary Welshman, who delivers parcels in Peterborough for courier company Danzen Logistics, rang her doorbell and knocked on the door multiple times. The IT consultant was on a work call at the time of the delivery so couldn’t answer the door. After no one replied, Gary started to write a “sorry we missed you” note to the customer when he noticed the smell of gas.

“I had a parcel delivery, I couldn’t get to the door, so the driver left it in my bin and meter cupboard,” said Sharon. “He left a delivery card with the note saying he smelled gas so I phoned National Grid who were out within 45 minutes. They identified that the on/off lever on the gas inlet was leaking and fixed it there and then. From what I understand, my house wouldn’t have blown up but in certain circumstances it could have been reasonably serious.”

I just did what I thought was the right thing to do, and I hope that someone else would do the same.
Gary Welshman

“It feels good knowing that my actions may have prevented a life-threatening situation,” said Gary.

Delivery Driver Gary Welshman Gas Leak
Gary Welshman, a delivery driver for courier company Danzen Logistics

Andrej Budkevic, Amazon Senior Delivery Station Manager, added: “I would like to thank Gary for his thoughtful actions. He was brilliant.”

Andrej Budkevic, Amazon Senior Delivery Station Manager Gas Leak
Andrej Budkevic, Amazon Senior Delivery Station Manager

"The whole team here at the Amazon delivery station in Peterborough are extremely touched by this story, which showcased an inspiring level of customer care. We have very high standards for the delivery service providers we work with and how they serve customers, but Gary went a step further, which may well have saved a customer’s life.”

Across Europe, our delivery service partners – small and medium sized courier businesses – provide work opportunities to thousands of individuals who deliver packages to Amazon customers. Gary is one of many driver heroes who go the extra mile for their communities. Last year, Kenny Beatson, a delivery driver in Scotland, helped save people from a fire in a block of flats.