In a world where the rumble of trucks and the hum of logistics form the backbone of commerce, Madrid-based Andrea and her mother Belén stand as beacons of change. Partners in both business and ideology, they are leading the charge for diversity and gender equality in the transportation sector.

A vision for diversity and inclusion

Andrea's roots in transportation run deep, courtesy of her father's legacy in the industry. From the young age of 21, she was drawn to its intricacies but puzzled by its male-dominated landscape: “I didn’t understand why there were no women working in this industry, and it bothered me. I was determined to make a change.” Eager to rewrite this narrative, Andrea teamed up with her mother, Belén, and embarked on a mission to carve out a space for women in transportation. Thus, in 2021, Camilo y Del Arco Logística S.L. was born. With a solid entrepreneurial spirit and drawing from their family's logistical expertise, Andrea and Belén launched their company equipped with ten compressed natural gas (CNG) trucks and a bold ambition: to lead the way in female-driven transportation.

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Andrea and Belén, founders of Camilo y Del Arco Logística S.L.

Challenging stereotypes to empower women in male-dominated roles

Driven by their vision, Andrea and Belén set out to challenge stereotypes and empower women to thrive in traditionally male-dominated roles. What irks them most is the prevailing assumption among those unfamiliar with their company - that the business owner must be a man, with people often inquiring for "Mr. Camilo." This outdated stereotype underscores the very bias they're striving to dismantle. Despite facing hurdles in sourcing female talent, they persisted and eventually achieved a remarkable feat: 60% of their workforce is now comprised of women. As they firmly believe in empowering women to excel in this field, they actively recruit female drivers exclusively.

The transformative power of female representation

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Andrea and Belén understand that true change begins with representation: central to their mission is the belief in the inherent qualities that make women ideal candidates for driving roles—qualities like organisational skills, multitasking abilities, flexibility, and patience.

As advocates for diversity and gender equality, Andrea and Belén's story serves as inspiration for all aspiring entrepreneurs and advocates. Through their commitment and determination, they help provide access to women in transportation by offering job training programmes, such as driving buddies for unexperienced new joiners. Their work proves that, when women are given opportunities to thrive, the entire industry benefits. They are not just rewriting history, they are shaping the future of transportation—one mile at a time.

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Their message is clear: "The road to gender equality in transportation begins with us. By empowering women and fostering diversity, we're not just driving trucks; we're driving change."