Prime Day 2024 is coming on 16 – 17 July, and Amazon employees across the globe have helped us break the news on the dates this year! It’s one of our biggest events of the year, so we are celebrating our team members who work all year round to deliver for customers by spotlighting them in a Prime Day date announcement.

Prime Day event offers Prime members 48-hours of exclusive savings across every category, including electronics, homeware, fashion and beauty, with new deals on products from top brands dropping daily. In fact, over the course of last year, Amazon customers saved nearly $24 billion from deals and coupons—with Prime members enjoying the vast majority of those savings —including over $2.5 billion during Prime Day 2023.

The newly released video follows employees at different fulfilment centres around the world, from Mexico and Canada to Japan and the UK, showcasing some of the celebrations that happen at our sites during Prime Day – from dance and cupcake parties, to ping pong and table football challenges. The video also captures the enthusiasm among employees around Prime Day, some of the fun that makes the event such a special time within our sites and, most importantly, it recognises the people who make it a success each year!

“I'm really excited for Prime Day,” said Dora Torma, General Manager’s Assistant at our fulfilment centre in Dartford, UK. “We have a lot of things planned to celebrate, including fun games for all employees on site and lots of prizes to be won! It is a great time for everyone at the site and there is a real sense of teamwork across the building.”
Jack Stiles, Trainer at the same site, echoed the sentiment: "I am really looking forward to Prime Day this year - it will be my third year at Amazon and my third Prime Day. It is that time of year where we can really shine in providing amazing deals, more smiles and more happiness for customers and our teams."

“This Prime Day, we wanted to once again celebrate our amazing employees and the teamwork that happens to deliver for our customers during Prime Day and all year round,” said Stefano Perego, our VP of International Operations & Global Operations Services. “Our sites see lots of celebrations and great team spirit during Prime Day, and we wanted to capture that enthusiasm and put our people at the center of our Prime Day’s date reveal this year.”

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