Luxembourg – Amazon today announced the launch of Amazon Business a new service on that serves the needs of businesses of every size. Institutional buyers benefit from new business-tailored features such as free premium shipping options, pay by invoice, VAT exclusive price display and invoicing for millions of products, multi-user business accounts and the opportunity to reflect internal approval workflows. All of this is added to the selection, convenience and value customers love from Amazon.

  • Businesses of every size can register for a free Amazon Business account to save time and money.
  • New Amazon features include pay by invoice, free premium shipping for businesses, VAT exclusive price display and invoicing, multi-user accounts and the opportunity to reflect internal approval workflows.
  • New service brings Amazon’s selection, convenience and value to buyers of all types – businesses, universities, governments, and non-profit organisations.

Amazon Business provides easy access to more than a hundred million products that any business can use – such as laptops, office supplies, electronic accessories, storage solutions, office furniture and cleaning equipment. For factories, Amazon offers more than five million tools, safety glasses, hearing protection, adhesives, abrasives and fasteners. Restaurants can access a broad selection including, specialty knives, pots and pans, mixers of all sizes and cash registers. Universities and labs can purchase from more than 50,000 types of scientific and lab supplies, including microscopes, test tubes, digital scales and meters. Products range in size from titanium drill bits to industrial drill presses.

“We know that many customers already use for their business needs, and we have listened to our customers and added the features that make shopping for work easy and convenient. New business-tailored features such as multi-user business accounts with integrated approval workflows will enable businesses to simply improve their entire purchasing processes”, said Florian Boehme, Senior Manager Amazon Business Germany. “Amazon Business brings the combination of wide selection, premium shipping and attractive prices that customers have come to know and love about Amazon.”

Jörg Dennig, CEO of ‘Jung' founded in 1828, one of the oldest candy manufacturers in Germany, said: “To satisfy business needs, we have been using Amazon for multiple years for sourcing items like coffee machines, projectors, computers, and tools. The great selection of Amazon Business and its new features such as VAT Invoicing will push our entire purchasing process to a next level—and just makes our lives easier so we can spend more time on making delicious sweets for our customers.”

Amazon Business offers:

  • Free Premium Shipping: Businesses benefit from premium shipping on orders over €29 for millions of eligible items.
  • Pay by Invoice: New for business customers, Amazon is now offering payment by invoice with 30-day terms. Business also can continue to use a personal or business credit card or direct debit.
  • VAT exclusive price display and invoicing: Eligible for millions of products, allowing businesses to see and shop net prices and benefit from VAT invoicing.
  • Shared Business Accounts: Creation of a single or multi-user business account, invitation of additional users to join the account, and definition of groups of users to easily share payment methods and shipping addresses.
  • Adding POs to an order: Customers can add purchase orders or reference numbers to purchases to assist with reporting and account reconciliation.
  • Approval Workflows: Creation of approval workflows to enable better spending controls.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Customers can gain insights into what, when and how their organization is buying by creating custom reports.
  • Tailored Business Experience: Unique search, browse and shopping experience that is tailored specifically to business purchasing.
  • Purchasing System Integration: Capability to integrate leading third-party procurement solutions for easy access to Amazon Business.

Amazon Business has everything customers love about Amazon:

  • Attractive Pricing: Business customers can shop Amazon Business to find the best prices. They see multiple offers from a variety of sellers. Additionally, Businesses can receive discounts for eligible items when purchasing larger quantities.
  • Biggest Selection: Business-only items on top of Amazon’s vast selection provides access to more than a hundred million of products.
  • Convenient Shopping: Customers can view multiple offers on a single product page for easy price comparisons, as well as shop sellers that consistently meet the performance and service requirements that businesses expect. For mobile shoppers, Amazon Business provides a mobile optimized shopping experience. Offers on Amazon Business are available in English, Dutch, Polish and Turkish language for international business customers.
  • Comprehensive Product Information: Rich product pages and studio-quality photography, as well as dimensions, instruction for usage and manufacturer how-to videos.
  • Amazon Business Customer Support: World-class Amazon customer service dedicated to registered business customers.

Amazon Business launched in the US in April 2015 and now serves more than 400,000 businesses. Amazon Business in the US generated more than $1 billion in sales in its first year, with third-party sellers fulfilling over half of the orders. Today, more than 45,000 third party sellers sell on Amazon Business in the US.

To register for a free Amazon Business account, visit: that want to add products to Amazon’s growing selection, visit: