The new teams will supercharge DT’s mission critical projects around Artificial Intelligence, mobile development and user experience.

Budapest, 8 September 2021 – Deutsche Telekom IT (DTIT) announced today the launch of their international IT engineering task force under the name J'DIS – ‘Just Developers Doing Incredible Stuff’ with the support of Amazon Web Services (AWS). To be rolled out from Budapest, Hungary, the program will accelerate DTIT to staff entire cross-functional technical product teams to build, automate and operate complex applications at industry-leading levels. In November, the first newly recruited group of specialists will start working on a one-of-a-kind AI-based customer support solution connecting Deutsche Telekom with its 65 million customers.

Launched by DTIT and supported by AWS, the J'DIS program reinvents the complete lifecycle of DevOps teams, from recruitment, through team formation to maximizing performance and velocity in delivery. J'DIS will form teams of eight, consisting of software engineers, DevOps engineers and scrum master. Each expert goes through an extensive technical and team fit assessment as their first challenge in the J'DIS program and they will be escorted by AWS experts in their early phase (first nine months). DTIT expects these newly formed teams not only to drive their own products to success, but also to be the frontrunners of modern IT engineering in the telecommunication industry.

"Thanks to the newly adopted recruitment and team building standards, we expect that the agility at Deutsche Telekom will increase significantly, at a scale that will tangibly upgrade customer experience. By adopting Amazon’s engineering and operations best practices, we will be able to provide more seamless service and game changing solutions to our clientele", said Dr. Peter Leukert, CIO of Deutsche Telekom.

"We are thrilled to attract teams of highest-skilled professionals to DTIT in Hungary. Our J'DIS teams will be made up from the top talents of the region’s software engineering industry and will enable us to create the most innovative products faster than ever before", said Örs Cseresnyés, Vice President of DTIT at Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions Hungary.

"This initiative is yet another example of how ‎Deutsche Telekom continues to innovate and lead. DTIT's and AWS's collaboration in Hungary will have a profound positive impact on DTIT’s ability to select and train the best Software Development Engineers and embed them into a diverse set of projects throughout Deutsche Telekom’s IT footprint. This initiative is ensuring DTIT will have well educated experts accessing the broadest and deepest set of cloud services, propelling an unmatched pace of innovation with the highest levels of performance and security", said Fabio Cerone, Director for Telco at AWS.

After the program launch this summer in Budapest, Hungary, the very first J'DIS will work on an AI development project from November in Budapest. The team will be tasked with the creation of a complex customer assistance solution based on VASP (Voice Application Service Platform) working across several platforms like Messenger or WhatsApp. The platform will serve as the single largest support touchpoint for Deutsche Telekom’s customers.

The new J'DIS teams will be deployed within DTIT to solve further complex tech challenges such as breaking down monolithic apps into micro services, applying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to tackle previously unsolvable problems, automating the software delivery process through CI/CD or building resilience and fault tolerance into applications utilizing state of the art cloud infrastructure capabilities.