Haarlem, December 8, 2021— Today, Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced the opening of the AWS Cloud Lab in Haarlem, the Netherlands, located in the CupolaXS innovation center that provides digital support to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). At launch, AWS will be the only cloud provider in the CupolaXS innovation center. Gathering international and local companies in one place, CupolaXS supports digital innovation by providing the support and resources SMEs need to accelerate, transform, and expand their businesses using technology. AWS will have a dedicated space at CupolaXS starting in January 2022.

Throughout 2022, AWS will deliver business and technical assistance to SMEs in-person at the innovation center and virtually. SMEs will have opportunities to meet in person or virtually with AWS professionals such as account managers, business developers, and consultants. AWS solutions architects will work with SMEs in sessions to share guidance on how cloud services may be used for their specific use cases, workloads, and applications. In addition to the one-to-one meetings and sessions, AWS and CupolaXS have co-organized several upcoming events and interactive workshops to help SMEs bring their ideas and innovations to life, and accelerate their cloud transformation.

“We are excited to work with AWS to inspire and support SMEs’ digital innovation in the Netherlands,” said Mike Rijkers, Managing Director at CupolaXS. “More than 70% of the Dutch labor force works at an SME. SMEs are the cornerstone of the Dutch economy, and their digitalization is crucial to boost the local economy. Having AWS as part of our initiative is an opportunity for people to learn more about using cloud services to develop their business and, in time, create value for the country.”

“By opening a Cloud Lab in CupolaXS, we can help accelerate learners’ understanding and make it even easier for SMEs to start or speed up their digital innovation using AWS Cloud,” said Angelina Best van Kampen, Head of SME for AWS Benelux. “With CupolaXS, we share the same conviction that stimulating digital knowledge, tools, and skills of SMEs is essential for the Netherlands.”

This initiative continues AWS’s work in the Netherlands for the past decade. AWS has been investing in the country to support tens of thousands of customers, helping them to bring their ideas to life, transform their businesses, and create value for their activities and economy. Dutch SMEs already using AWS to grow their businesses, across Europe and around the world, include Appeltje Eitje, Ohpen, Onderlinge s’Gravenhage, TicketSwap and Yuki.

For more details about the AWS Cloud Lab, visit CupolaXS.