To meet the increasing customer demand and add capacity and flexibility to its delivery network, Amazon will open its own delivery station and will start working with small and medium-sized independent local delivery companies in the Netherlands in addition to its existing carrier partners.

Packages will be shipped to the delivery station from the existing European, for example, German or French fulfillment and sortation centers and loaded onto vehicles to get delivered to customers in the greater Amsterdam area.

In the summer, Amazon will create more than 200 direct jobs for sortation associates and management team at the 8,500 sq. meter delivery station. Learn more about current open positions in Rozenburg-Schiphol here. In addition, roughly 450 drivers working for the independent delivery companies will collect parcels from the delivery station and deliver them to Amazon customers. To find out more about becoming a delivery service partner with Amazon, feel free to reach out to our team via email here.

“Since Amazon started serving customers in the Netherlands, it has established trustful relationships with carriers operating in the country and will continue working closely with them in the future. To meet the increasing customer demand and add capacity and flexibility to its delivery network, Amazon will set up its own delivery station in Rozenburg-Schiphol,” comments Robert Viegers, Vice-president Amazon Logistics Germany, Austria and the Netherlands.

Amazon continues to invest in its transportation infrastructure and other innovative ways to expand its supply chain capacity and speed up deliveries for customers. The company is also innovating in last mile delivery solutions to enhance the customer and employee experience.

Customers benefit from delivery to a safe place, Map Tracking so that they can see how many stops the driver has before their delivery is due, and Photo on Delivery that shows them that their package was safely delivered and where. These services would automatically become available for packages delivered through the Amazon delivery station.

Technological advancements, like intelligent route planning, also support the drivers who deliver packages to customers and associates working in the delivery station.

Learn more about our current openings in the Netherlands here.