Over 2,000 European employees have now participated in Amazon’s innovative “Career Choice” program that pre-pays 95% of tuition for degrees in high-demand occupations such as information technology, mechanical and electrical trades, nursing, accountancy and transport planning

In addition to direct full-time employment, Amazon businesses such as Marketplace, Amazon Web Services and Kindle Direct Publishing continue to create thousands of jobs for people across Europe who want to start and run their own business

Last year, Amazon created more than 10,000 jobs in Europe, growing its workforce from 40,000 employees at the beginning of 2016 to more than 50,000 by the end of December. Today, the company announced that it plans to create more than 15,000 additional full-time jobs in Europe by the end of the year. These new job opportunities are for people across many European countries and with all types of experience, education and skill levels—from engineers and software developers to those seeking entry-level positions and on-the-job training. Many of the roles will be in new fulfillment centers that have been announced over the past several months and are currently under construction in France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain and UK. In addition to direct job creation, Amazon businesses like Marketplace, Amazon Web Services and Kindle Direct Publishing continue to create thousands of jobs for people across Europe who want to start and run their own business. For more details on Amazon’s economic impact in Europe, click here.

“We continue to invest heavily across Europe in fulfillment, customer service, cloud technology, research and development, machine learning, advanced logistics and much more,” said Xavier Garambois, Vice President, Amazon EU Retail. “With these investments comes an ever-increasing number of new job opportunities. We look forward to welcoming a record number of new team members who will join our existing talented workforce in focusing every day on innovating and inventing to continually raise the bar on customer experience.”

Amazon operates a pan EU business with over 100 corporate offices, fulfilment centres, seller and customer service centres, and AWS datacenter regions. This number also includes a European network of 15 development centres which are inventing in areas across the company including the Amazon retail website and mobile apps, digital media, devices and device software such as voice recognition technology, Prime Air, and cloud services.

“Across Europe, Amazon is continuing to invest in new infrastructure and employment opportunities to ensure we continue to grow and meet the needs of our customers,” said Roy Perticucci, Vice President Europe Customer Fulfillment. “We are creating job opportunities with choice and flexibility that appeal to the widest range of individuals, from those that want a full working week to those that just want to work for a few hours. All our jobs offer competitive salaries and benefits packages and I am pleased to be welcoming more people to our operations in 2017.”

Career Choice

Amazon’s Career Choice program helps train employees for in-demand jobs at Amazon and other companies. The program pre-pays 95% of tuition for courses in in-demand fields, regardless of whether the skills are relevant to a future career at Amazon. Over 2,000 European employees have participated in Career Choice and more are signing up every day.

Empowerment Programs and Indirect Job Creation

In addition to empowering its own employees to innovate and achieve their professional and personal dreams, Amazon offers a series of programs that empower people outside the company and create thousands of additional jobs in Europe. Amazon’s Marketplace business fuels more than 175,000 jobs in Europe for people who’ve started or are growing their own businesses by selling on Amazon. Examples of Amazon Marketplace success stories can be found click here.

Kindle Direct Publishing enables anyone to self-publish eBooks and paperbacks for free and reach millions of readers. Authors earn up to 70% royalty on sales to customers, keep control of their book rights, and set their own list prices. KDP has empowered thousands of authors to achieve their dreams and make a living writing books for readers around the world to enjoy. Find out more here.

Amazon Web Services gives anyone – from startups to fast-growing businesses like Airbnb and Pinterest to established enterprises like GE and McDonalds – access to virtually unlimited compute power, storage, and other IT resources, making it faster and less expensive to launch and grow new businesses. Since its inception, AWS has empowered millions of businesses, like these launch, grow and create jobs across Europe and around the world.

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