Stockholm, August 4, 2020 – Today Amazon announced that it has started the work to launch, providing Swedish customers with a new shopping experience and local small businesses with the opportunity to reach more customers both in Sweden and across the world.

“Amazon has been supporting Swedish customers and selling partners across our different European stores for many years, but the next step is to bring a full retail offering to Sweden and we are making those plans now,” said Alex Ootes, Vice President EU Expansion at Amazon. “We are excited to empower small Swedish businesses through Amazon and are investing in tools and services to help them grow. We’re optimistic that by focusing on the things we believe customers value the most – low prices, vast selection, and fast delivery – over time we will earn the trust of customers in Sweden.”

With the upcoming launch of, new opportunities will be available for Swedish businesses to reach new customers, with third-party sales now accounting for approximately 60% of all physical products sold on Amazon globally. There are now 1.7 million small and medium-sized businesses around the world selling in Amazon’s stores, with more than 200,000 entrepreneurs worldwide surpassed $100,000 in sales on Amazon in 2019. Amazon invests billions of Euros each year on infrastructure, tools, and services that enable small and medium-sized businesses to reach new customers and successfully sell their products online. Selling partners interested in learning more should register on

Pierre Magnusson, Head of E-commerce at N!CK’S, the Swedish healthy snack business, said: “The opportunities on Amazon are enormous. Amazon has grown to become our most important channel for exports, and within the first months of working with Amazon we were cash flow positive. N!CK'S continues to grow and has become one of the best-selling brands within our category, and we are still seeing 50% year-on-year growth in the EU Amazon stores alone. I would definitely recommend more Swedish companies start selling on Amazon.”

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