In addition to creating jobs, Amazon has invested over €4 billion in Italy since 2010.

New for 2020, Amazon warehouse associates in Italy will benefit from a salary increase, with the company adding 100 euros gross per month to their start wage.

Through indirect effects, more than 30,000 new jobs have been created, for example in construction, logistics and by Italian Small and medium businesses selling online using Amazon services.

Milan, December 18, 2019 – Amazon today announced it has created over 1,400 permanent jobs in Italy this year: more than 25% increase from the end of 2018. The company exceeded the plan announced in July to create 1,000 new jobs this year. Amazon now has more than 6,900 permanent employees across Italy.

These include jobs for people from all backgrounds, education and skill levels – from engineers and software developers to entry-level positions. They’re located in more than 20 sites across the Country, from Milano to Passo Corese (RI), from Torrazza Piemonte (TO) to Cagliari. These jobs provide competitive pay and full benefits, including innovative programs like Career Choice and industry-leading parental leave programs. New for 2020, Amazon warehouse associates in Italy will benefit from a salary increase, with the company adding 100 euros gross per month to their start wage.

Since 2010, Amazon has invested a total of almost 4 billion euros* in Italy, including both capital expenditure, such as the infrastructure, from fulfilment centres to corporate offices, and operating expenditures, such as the salaries paid to Italian employees or the investments in logistic suppliers to deliver products to customers.

A recent study from Keystone, commissioned by Amazon, estimates that companies in Amazon’s supply chain, including, for example, in building services, property services and professional services, supported more that 12,000 additional jobs in Italy in 2018.

Alongside the new permanent roles that the company is creating, Amazon continues to empower entrepreneurs and individuals who want to start their business, digitize an existing one or earn extra money to supplement their incomes through different programs: Selling on Amazon and FBA. More than 18,000 jobs are supported by Italian selling partners on Amazon. In 2018, these companies’ goods exports are worth over 500 million euros.

Mariangela Marseglia, VP Country Manager and, says: “On the 23 November 2020 we will celebrate the tenth anniversary of our presence in Italy. An important milestone and an opportunity to look at which has been our contribution to the Italian economy so far. I’m particularly proud of how our growing team and our investment on behalf of customers and Italian small businesses contribute to Italy’s prosperity, creating thousands of jobs and opening up new opportunities for colleagues, partners, service providers and suppliers”.

Most of Amazon direct investments and the jobs created so far have had the highest impact on five Italian Regions, staring from Emilia Romagna where Amazon opened its first Fulfillment center in Castel San Giovanni (PC) back in 2011; Lombardy that hosts Corporate offices, the Casirate d’Adda (BG) sortation center, four delivery stations, the Prime Now urban FC in Milan, and will soon welcome the new AWS Europe (Milan) infrastructure region; Piedmont where Amazon opened in July the newest and most advanced Fulfillment Center in Torrazza Piemonte (TO) after the one in Vercelli and the Development center in Turin focused on advancements in speech recognition and natural language understanding for Alexa, and Lazio hosting the Robotics FC in Passo Corese (RI) and the new Urban FC dedicated to Prime Now in Rome. Sardinia completes the list with the growing Customer Service center in Cagliari.

These data – continued Mariangela Marseglia - show a virtuous circle: as the number of customers in Italy appreciating our services and the number of small business or developers using our services continue to grow, our will to further improve their experiences pushes us investing more and pushes us to hire a growing number of talents for our many different businesses. The more Italian SMBs increase their sales online and abroad the more they invest in their Italian operations and digitalization. And Italy materially benefits from this growth.”

Amazon’s Infrastructure Investments Across Italy

Amazon continues to invest in its logistics infrastructure across the country. Amazon opened this year a new fulfillment center in Torrazza Piemonte and five new delivery stations already operational in Verona, Roma Settecamini (RM), Fiume Veneto (PN), Arzano (NA) and Santarcangelo (RN). Today we further announce the opening of two new delivery station in Bitonto (BA) and San Giovanni Teatino (CH).

All these new openings demonstrate Amazon's commitment to Italy”, added Roy Perticucci, Amazon Vice President for Customer Fulfillment in Europe. “Our state-of-the art facilities offer local employees a great working environment, opportunities for professional development, competitive salaries and rewarding benefits. Our people are what make this company great, and we reward them well. So, we’re delighted to announce that starting in January, Amazon warehouse associates in Italy will benefit from a salary increase, with the company adding 100 euros gross per month to their start wage”.

In Italy Amazon warehouse employees’ wages are among the highest in our industry and include full benefits such as discounts for purchases on, private healthcare insurance and private medical assistance. Amazon offers also innovative opportunities to its employees such as the Career Choice program, which pre-pays 95% of tuition and books for courses chosen by employees.

Amazon Web Services also announced it will open an infrastructure region in Italy in early 2020. For over 13 years, Amazon Web Services has been the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform. Millions of customers—including the fastest-growing startups, largest enterprises, and leading government agencies—trust AWS to power their infrastructure, become more agile, lower costs and support them in their digital transformation. This new AWS Infrastructure Region will enable Italian customers to run workloads and store data in Italy and serve end-users with even lower latency. The AWS Europe (Milan) Region will include three Availability Zones at launch and will be AWS’s sixth region in Europe, joining existing regions in France, Germany, Ireland, the UK, Sweden and the upcoming Spain Region launching late 2022 or early 2023.

Competitive Pay, Comprehensive Benefits, and Training Programs for Italian Employees

All permanent Amazon employees, whether working in Italian fulfillment centers or corporate offices, receive competitive pay and a comprehensive benefits package, including private medical insurance from day one, life assurance, an employee discount on and a company pension plan. Amazon also offers fulfillment center associates an innovative program called Career Choice which provides funding for adult education, offering to pre-pay 95% of tuition and associated fees for nationally recognized, in-demand courses, up to 8,000 euro over four years.

Amazon was selected this year by Universum as one of the “Most Attractive Employers in Italy.” Over 40,400 students from 44 different Italian universities ranked Amazon 4th as the best company for business students, among all Italian companies, 6th for engineering students. Amazon got the podium in the Innovation Index: a metric created to monitor how companies are associated with innovation, both in terms of offer to customers and as a work environment where employees can adopt new technologies in everyday working life.

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*Note for the Editors: Direct investments amount includes all the investments (Capex, Opex and Shipping costs) in the period 2010-2018. Amazon invested €4bn in that period with an increase of €1.3bn in 2018 only.