How our Leadership Principles shape our daily work
The director of talent acquisition explains which of our 14 Leadership Principles are particularly important to her and how they shape her daily business. Continue reading
Explore working here
If you love to build, to invent, to pioneer on a high performance team that's passionate about operational excellence—you’ll love it here.

Flexible and adaptable

What it's like to work on our Luxembourg Finance team.

Pioneering: A Passion for Inventing

Amazon's evolution from online bookstore to device manufacturer, publishing platform, global marketplace, fulfillment network and cloud computing provider is driven by our passion for pioneering and inventing on customers' behalf.

24 hours with Sara, manager for Amazon Italy

For this woman, mother, and manager, at Amazon “it’s always Day One”.
Thank you for recognizing our customer obsession
For Amazon, customer obsession comes first. Across Europe, we’re delighted to be recognized by many consumer surveys, examining the impact of a qualitative service on the behaviors and attitudes of consumers.
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