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Join the 2021 Amazon Academy on 'Helping European SMEs thrive'
December 7, 2021
Livestream: 4PM - 5.15PM
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Amazon Academy
Our annual event for a Brussels and wider EU audience features a range of inspiring speakers and discussions with an audience of policymakers, academics, influencers and other stakeholders.

Meet the speakers of the Amazon Academy 2021

Read the full bios of the keynote speakers and panelists at the next virtual Amazon Academy.

Save Dec 7 for the next Amazon Academy

Mark December 7 in your calendar and stay tuned for more updates on the upcoming Amazon Academy 2021 on ‘Helping European SMEs thrive’.
Meet the sellers present at the Amazon Academy 2021
SME representatives who sell on Amazon stores will share their experiences with online sales in the panel discussion at the 9th Amazon Academy.
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Previous editions of the Amazon Academy

Revisit our first virtual Amazon Academy on Delivering Sustainability in Europe

In 2019, we signed The Climate Pledge, and we dedicated this year's virtual Amazon Academy to “Delivering Sustainability in Europe - Net Zero Carbon by 2040”. Get a glimpse of the event here.

Celebrating Italy in Brussels: Check out what’s behind the ‘Made in Italy’ Amazon Academy

We recently kicked off our #AmazonAcademy2019 in Brussels. Discover the photos and the videos of our latest Amazon Academy focusing on the “Made in Italy” showcase.

Amazon Academy: How we're supporting small businesses through e-Commerce

Small firms make up almost half of sales on Amazon sites around the world. Across Europe, SMEs exported over €3 billion worth of goods in the past year by working with Amazon.

Amazon Academy: How we're helping people with disabilities

In our first Amazon Academy on Accessibility, we discussed with the policymakers how Amazon devices can help remove barriers for people with disabilities.

Amazon Academy: From Prime Air to Europe’s e-commerce future

Conversations from the future of transport and bolstering the single market, and entrepreneurship.

Amazon Academy: Innovation and Entrepreneurship

In Brussels, we held our first Amazon Academy around the theme of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Amazon Academy: The future of possibilities

Carrying the slogan “A Future Full of Possibilities”, the international network was launched in Berlin for innovators everywhere, starting a positive dialogue on the one thing you can count on: our future.
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