On December 7, we will meet again for our next Amazon Academy. The event will be held in Brussels, although we are inviting everyone to join us through a livestream from wherever you are.

The focus of this year’s event will be the growth of European SMEs and how they have been thriving through online business.

Tuesday, December 7, 2021
Livestream at 4PM CET

Watch the event's livestream here (Vimeo)

Click here to read the full bios of the speakers participating in the 9th Amazon Academy.

Mark Boris Andrijanič, Minister for Digital Transformation of the Republic of Slovenia, will present a keynote speech on the European industrial strategy and its role in the transition towards a digital economy.

The speech will be followed by a fireside chat from Xavier Flamand, VP EU Seller Services at Amazon, who will shed a light on what Amazon and AWS are doing to empower SMEs and support them with digital skills.

Ivan Štefanec, Member of European Parliament (Slovakia), Group of the European People's Party (Christian Democrats) will be joined by Paul Hofheinz, President and Co-Founder of the Lisbon Council, Antje Gerstein, Managing Director for European Policy/Sustainability, German Retail Federation (HDE), along with Lucia Cusmano, Deputy Head of Unit for SME and Entrepreneurship at the OECD Centre for Entrepreneurship in a panel discussion on how digitization leads to business recovery.

This will be followed by a session dedicated to our European selling partners, who have developed their business before and during the pandemic.
Sophie Laporte, Co-Founder & CEO, Un Air d'Antan (France); Richard Badal, Founder & CEO, Pentagon Sports (Germany); Christian Krömer, Managing Director & CEO, Spielwaren Krömer (Germany); David Martínez, Co-Founder & CEO, Sangría Republic (Spain) will share their experiences and describe how they have expanded their businesses while recovering from the pandemic.

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