At our 2022 Amazon Academy we welcomed European selling partners from Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, and Poland, with each seller showing off their products at winter market-style stalls, and sharing their experiences of selling globally from Europe. Amazon is a proud champion of our European sellers, and we work hard to help them achieve success within the Single Market and beyond.

James Waterworth VDB221130_Amazon_Merode-17 7.jpg
James Waterworth, Director of EU Public Policy, speaking with Cyprian Iwuć, CEO of Rainbow Socks
Eva FaictVDB221130_Amazon_Merode -140.jpg
Eva Faict, our Belgium Country Manager
Valley of Tea VDB221130_Amazon_Merod e-241.jpg
H.E. Michael M. Adler, U.S. Ambassador to the Kingdom of Belgium, at the stall for Belgian brand Valley of Tea
Innr seller Amazon Academy  2022
Innr lighting brand from the Netherlands
VDB221130_Amazon_Merode Amazon  Academy-280.jpg
Amazon Academy phot obooth

Speakers at the event included H.E. Michael M. Adler, U.S. Ambassador to the Kingdom of Belgium, who spoke about Amazon’s operations and investments in Belgium and in Europe; and Eva Faict, Country Manager for, who spoke about the recent launch of Amazon’s Belgian store - the local, multi-language shopping experience on the Belgian site, Belgian customers gaining access to a selection of more than 180 million products, and the “Brands of Belgian” store – a dedicated storefront for new and established local brands.

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James Waterworth, Amazon’s Director of EU Public Policy, talked about the benefits of the Single Market, as well as highlighting Amazon’s investment in the region and the support that Amazon provides for European SMEs. James also interviewed three European entrepreneurs who sell their products on Amazon - Wouter Gryson of Valley of Tea, Marie Mérouze of Marbotic and Cyprian Iwuć of Rainbow Socks - who provided great insight into what it’s like for a European business to go online and sell globally.

We thank everyone who attended the Amazon Academy 2022, and look forward to holding more events like it in the future.