This summer’s internship program welcomed the largest global intern class ever, with more than 10,000 young professionals joining Amazon across 45 countries. And now, it’s time to kick off our autumn recruiting for students and graduates across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

“All students, regardless of background will have the opportunity to accelerate their growth across the organization with a wide spectrum of internship and full-time roles. Throughout the next few months, there will be multiple upskilling workshops that students can benefit from to feel confident about the application and interview process. We value individual expression and encourage students to bring their unique skills and experiences to build the next generation of Amazon” said Nikki Craig, Director of Amazon Student Programs EMEA.

With thousands of internships and full-time opportunities available in cities including London, Manchester, Munich, Paris , Madrid and Cape Town, we offer exciting opportunities across Amazon, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and other business teams for current or recently graduated Bachelors, Masters, MBA, and PhD students.

Undergraduate and Graduate Roles

Roles are available in a range of departments and teams – from software development engineers (SDEs), business analysts, support engineers, product managers, vendor managers, cloud support associates, brand specialists, financial analysts and more.

MBA students

The Launch program provides opportunities for MBA students in seven European countries to choose between a summer internship or a three-year rotational program allowing full-time graduates to switch across countries between rotation placements in various functions and business areas. Launch ensures MBA students have a successful transition from their pre-MBA experience to Amazon.

PhD and post-graduates

PhD students can join the prestigious Graduate Research Program and participate through hundreds of different internship roles in research projects aiming to advance the state of the art in customer-obsessed science. Young researchers will benefit from learning directly from Amazon’s expertise in several research domains within AI and Machine Learning (e.g., computer vision, natural language processing, robotics, causality and more.) This is on top of mentorship and networking opportunities with fellow scientists and senior leaders.

Empowering interns and new hires

Students and graduates interested in learning more about working at Amazon and our peculiar culture can register and participate in upcoming virtual events to explore opportunities, prepare for the interview process, and get tips on how to best kickstart their career.

Exclusively for students in EMEA, the Welcome To Amazon and DEI Festivals also offer unique opportunities for students to discover Amazon’s Affinity Groups, hear career advice from Amazon employees (or Amazonians as we call them), or gain interview and CV writing skills.

We caught up with a few students and graduates around the region to learn about their experiences at Amazon.

Picture of EMEA student Zainab working
Zainab, Software Development Graduate, Cape Town

Zainab, Software Development Graduate, Cape Town: “My team is very supportive of my growth at Amazon. Also, AWE (Amazon Women in Engineering) is an affinity group that I am heavily involved in. We recently concluded a workshop with students from the University of Cape Town where we shared our experiences and tips about working in the tech industry.

Julien, student joining Amazon's program
Julian, Brand Specialist, Italy

Julian, Brand Specialist, Italy: “Each interviewer always had a positive and informal approach, making it all feel more like a conversation, rather than just an evaluation. My advice to students – provide clear, structured answers and get straight to the point (the STAR system is a good place to start). I was always fond of consumer technology companies and online retail, so throughout my Master's degree I saw the world's largest e-commerce platform as the best place to start. During my internship in Instock Management (supply chain) I worked with my manager on the Frustration Free Packaging program. It was exciting to work on such a project with numerous vendors, as the results and benefit for both the environment and our customers were immediately tangible.”

Student joining Amazon's program - Sabine
Sabine, Senior Applied Scientist, Germany

Sabine, Senior Applied Scientist, Germany: “I'm a computer vision scientist, working in a centralized team; we're partnering with teams all over Amazon, developing exciting new computer vision technologies with our partner teams. One of the projects I'm most proud of is the Alexa Show and Tell feature. This feature helps visually impaired people in their day to day challenges like sorting through a bag of groceries and make those moments simpler by identify pantry items and giving customers the information they need in that moment.”

Student joining Amazon's program - Krystian
Krystian, Software Development Engineer, Poland

Krystian, Software Development Engineer, Poland: “I wanted to work with the newest technologies. Text-to-speech and Alexa overall at Amazon are bleeding edge technologies that have huge impact on people's daily lives. It feels really great to see customer impact almost straight away. My advice to students interested in applying for Amazon would be to just be yourself, clarify the interviewer's question if it was unclear and learn more about Amazon's Leadership Principles and think about how it applies to your past experiences.”

Student joining Amazon's program - Belen
Belen - Software Development Engineer, UK

Belen - Software Development Engineer, UK: “After completing a 6-month internship at Amazon, I knew I wanted to work here full time. The opportunities for growth, possibility of wide impact, and the customer-focused culture all made me want to come back. A typical two-week sprint for me entails planning meetings, backlog grooming, daily standups, and customer-facing work done throughout. At Amazon, you are responsible for taking your career to wherever you want. There is no set path; you may be interested in gaining experience in a certain job role or you might prefer to switch positions as your interests and expertise change over time. You may even want to change organizations within Amazon itself! This trajectory is fully in your own hands, and your managers, peers, and mentors will help you get to whatever objective you have set yourself."

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