Samir’s story is about how choices you make in life can change your course: his decision to migrate to a different country not only opened the door to launching his own transportation business, but also offered him the chance to fulfil his longstanding desire to contribute to a more sustainable future. And his testimony is a demonstration of how a resilient person can succeed and overcome barriers, doing the right thing and investing in sustainability.

Samir Peros stands in front of Amazon's electric truck

From CNG to fully electric trucks

For Samir, it all started with the adoption of Compressed Natural Gas trucks (CNG) for his transportation business. But his mission towards sustainability gained momentum as he embarked on a collaboration with the Amazon Freight Partner programme, which opened up the opportunity to run with fully electric vehicles. “That was the cherry on the cake!” recalls Samir.

Samir leans against the front side of an electric truck
Charging an electric vehicle

For Samir, electric trucks symbolised a shift towards environmental change as well as a technological upgrade. The benefits were manifold: quieter operations, reduced stress for his drivers, enhanced reliability, and low maintenance.

In the active landscape of transportation, where sustainability is becoming increasingly essential, one company stands out as an example of innovation and environmental awareness.

A call to action for the industry to improve efforts towards sustainable logistics

By adopting electric trucks, Samir is setting a precedent for sustainable logistics, proving that productivity and environmental responsibility can go hand-in-hand. As Samir puts it: "In life, we're faced with choices, and I've chosen sustainability – moving to an electric fleet was the best one for my business and the environment." These words embody the essence of Samir's journey, a testament to the power of choices in shaping a more sustainable tomorrow.