Ecotrans, a European pioneer, has broken records with its electric truck fleet, achieving an astonishing monthly mileage of 12,000km in collaboration with Amazon Relay - the highest known mileage per electric truck in Europe within the Amazon network. It's an achievement that has turned heads, even from electric truck manufacturers themselves. But what lies behind this remarkable success?

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A two-family business legacy bounded by one goal: sustainability

The story of Ecotrans is one of merging legacies and embracing change. Born from the consolidation of two family businesses, Ecotrans embodies a commitment to progress and sustainability. Recognising the potential for growth through synergies, the founders united their expertise, laying the groundwork for a company that would redefine their norms of transportation.

Samir's journey from Afghanistan to Germany in 1989 laid the foundation for a story rooted in ambition, partnership, and sustainability.

Central to Ecotrans' philosophy is the belief that ‘sustainability’ is not just a catchword but a guiding principle that infuses every aspect of their operations. From the outset, the company invested in sustainable technologies, setting the stage for their journey towards environmental management.

Their venture into alternative fuels began over a decade ago, with the introduction of their first Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) truck in 2011, a move that provoked amazement and scepticism at the time; as Felix Ojeda Charco, CEO of Global Feed Ecotrans recalls: “When we piloted our first LNG-CNG truck in 2011, people said ‘Are you crazy?´” However, Ecotrans persisted, piloting the use of compressed natural gas (CNG) trucks and laying the groundwork for their company’s future centered on sustainable transportation solutions.

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Pushing boundaries and shaping the future of transportation

Ecotrans’ commitment to innovation, together with their dedication to pushing boundaries and shaping the future of transportation, drove them to adopt a holistic approach to sustainability: “With an 80% non-diesel fleet, we are still looking for every possible sustainable solution that gives us hope for a better future. And we can’t stop here,” Felix says. “It’s not just about running with electric trucks; it's about planning ahead and adapting your entire business’ mindset to the challenges of sustainable operations.”

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And today, with Amazon Relay, Ecotrans has achieved their biggest milestone to date. Felix says: "In collaboration with Amazon Relay, we achieved the highest known mileage per electric truck, logging 12,000km a month. That’s about 3,000km a week!" This collaboration not only emphasises Ecotrans' commitment to innovation but also highlights their ability to identify strategic alliances that boost them towards their sustainability goals.

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In a world where sustainable solutions define our path forward, companies like Ecotrans serve as examples of what is possible when you truly believe in the cause and keep on embracing innovative tools like Amazon Relay to further amplify a commitment to sustainability. For Felix and his colleagues, their efforts extend far beyond mere enforcement; they are actively planting the seeds of a brighter tomorrow: “It’s not just about charging trucks. It’s about charging the future.”