If the last year has taught us anything, it’s that we must be open-minded about change. Resistance is futile, though innovation for the greater good can often be borne out of tough circumstances.

"I see this kind of change sweeping through our customer organizations—not to mention the developers driving it." says Nick Beard, head of AWS Training and Certification, EMEA. "Where decisions about transformation and innovation would once have been the preserve of the CIO and CTO, this process is being democratized and grassroots innovation is being powered by developers. As such, they command a decision-making voice that grows louder by the day."

Bruno, Sara, and Nicola are three developers who took their first steps to professional empowerment through AWS Training and Certification. Watch their stories and you’ll appreciate what their deep knowledge of AWS services has done for them.

They’ve all experienced huge professional growth since matriculating from AWS Training and Certification and are now driving successful innovation projects for their respective employers. Yet, what’s most striking is the personal growth they’ve experienced, the confidence they’ve gained, and their fearlessness as their careers have blossomed.

Once upon a time, being a developer would’ve made you part of the backstage crew. Today, you’re center stage. We believe the future belongs to developers and we are very proud of AWS Training and Certification for its role in supporting this change.

If you’re thinking about taking that next step in your career as a developer, follow in Bruno, Sara, and Nicola’s footsteps and see what AWS Training and Certification can offer you.

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