In five unique, one-minute videos, our colleagues share how their passions and dreams have influenced and continue to impact their daily work at ADCP. The campaign will be conducted on YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and will be supported by communication efforts both in ADCP's own media and in Amazon Poland's social media channels.

We believe that the campaign will allow us to uncover some of the magic that happens at ADCP and encourage others to get to know us better.

Who combines a passion for gliding with working on Alexa technology? What does traveling have in common with cloud migration?

Find the answers to these and other questions in our series of videos below:

Career paths in Amazon Dev Center PL: From sky-high freedom to innovative solutions

Andrzej Pomirski, Senior Software Development Engineer on the ADCP team in Gdańsk, who finds similarities between their passion for gliding and the freedom to make decisions when working on Alexa technology.

How Does Marta Wrzesińska Combine Her Passion for Travel with Speech Synthesis in Amazon?

Marta Wrzesińska, Senior Technical Program Manager on the ADCP team in Gdańsk, for whom working on speech synthesis feels like fulfilling childhood dreams of becoming an architect. Her hobby is traveling, which allows her to broaden her horizons and collaborate better with an international team.

How Music Helps Mariusz Tyszkowski in Adhering to Regulations and Enriching Culture at Amazon?

Mariusz Tyszkowski, Senior Quality Control Manager on the Amazon Compliance team, whose passion for music accompanies him while adhering to regulations and enriching the work culture at Amazon. Mariusz is also a mentor for the Glamazonprogram, an initiative that promotes diversity within the company.

Career paths at Amazon Dev Center PL: Work with a sew view

Natalia Lazarenko, Software Development Manager on the Database Migration ADCP team in Gdańsk, who dreamed of living by the sea and now combines her love for traveling with working on AWS cloud migrations.

Career paths at Amazon Dev Center PL: From gaming to programming

Kreslav Babanin, Software Development Manager on the Amazon Ring team in Krakow, who transformed his interests in computers and games into a fulfilling career as a programmer.

Multinational employees at ADCP share different stories, experiences, and backgrounds, yet they are all united in their common goal of creating technologies and solutions that improve the lives of our customers, increasing their safety and happiness, and enabling people to do more with less.