For the second year in a row, and coinciding with Amazon’s “Made in Italy Days” initiative, the company is celebrating Italian Republic Day by lighting up its iconic Spheres buildings in Seattle with the colours of the Italian flag.

The Spheres are a place where Amazon employees can work in an environment that is more like a park than an office. It is an open space, with no enclosed offices or conference rooms, which aims to recreate a direct link between urban offices and nature, housing more than 40,000 plants from the cloud forest regions of over 30 countries.

Le Sfere del Centro Direzionale di Amazon a Seattle illuminate con il tricolore_4.jpeg
Le Sfere del Centro Direzionale di Amazon a Seattle illuminate con il tricolore.jpg Amazon spheres italian republican day lighint

The lighting of the Spheres celebrates Italian Republic Day, on the occasion of which Amazon has opened a special promotion on its Made in Italy storefront: from 29th May to 2nd June, in 11 countries, customers will be able to purchase a wide selection of products online from the most famous Italian brands and from thousands of small and medium sized-businesses which, through Amazon, reach customers all over the world. The “Giornate del Made in Italy Digitale” (“Digital Made in Italy Days”) are jointly promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ITA Agency and Amazon, for the promotion of Made in Italy around the world.

The initiative also makes a stop at the Italian Embassy in Washington, where, on the occasion of the Republic Day celebrations, guests will be gifted fine extra virgin olive oil from the Lombardy company Olivottoil and mullet roe from the Roman company Mr. Moris – both businesses sell their products via Amazon to customers around the world.

Through the “Made in Italy Days” initiative, Amazon also re-affirms its commitment to support the more than 20,000 Italian SMEs selling on its store to develop a multi-channel offer and, through cooperation with public institutions, achieve international success.