At Amazon, we strongly believe in the value of Italian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Their products continue to account for more than half of what we sell in our online stores. To date, there are more than 20,000 Italian businesses selling through Of these, more than 5,500 are featured in our Made in Italy showcase, which has over 1 million products.

From 29th May to 2nd June, a special five-day promotional window aimed at involving 11 countries around the world will open, with Amazon customers throughout Europe, Japan, the United Arab Emirates and the United States able to discover and purchase products from the most famous Italian brands and thousands of Italian SMEs on our store.

The official presentation for the initiative was announced this morning in Farnesina, in the presence of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forestry, the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy, and the Italian Trade Agency.

On this special occasion, four Italian companies - Amazon’s selling partners - belonging to the most iconic sectors of the Made in Italy brand, spoke about the evolutions their businesses have undergone with the opening of a digital channel: Omada Design from Marche; MR. MORIS from Lazio; Valle del Crati from Calabria and Cear Ceramiche from Sicily.

Omada Design from Marche
Omada Design from Marche

Amazon’s Made in Italy

‘Made in Italy Days’ is part of a larger project, which began in 2015 with the launch of Amazon’s Made in Italy showcase, which was created to promote the style and quality of Italian production to an international audience. Today, around eight years later, we look back with pride and satisfaction on the journey, and the milestones, that we were able to achieve alongside prominent institutional partners. The uniqueness of Parmigiano cheese and Calabrian “peperone crusco”, the quality of fabrics and textiles from Bergamo’s Val Seriana, the design and essentialism of Florentine furnishings; these are just a few of the traditional products and local specialties among which our international customers can lose themselves by exploring the 17 regional routes on our online store.

MR. MORIS from Lazio - Bottarga
MR.MORIS_Carpaccio di polipo.jpg
MR. MORIS from Lazio - Octopus carpaccio

With the common goal of promoting Made in Italy around the world, we have been working alongside the Italian Trade Agency since 2019. The agreement, which has so far involved more than 2,500 small and medium-sized businesses and made more than 280,000 new products available to customers around the world, includes the implementation of a promotion and development plan for companies with products within the Made in Italy showcase, as well as a training plan for online sales and marketing activities that promote products and increase sales abroad.

We help selling partners protect their brands

Prodotti Valle del Crati.png
Valle del Crati from Calabria
Prodotti Valle del Crati (1).png
Valle del Crati from Calabria

The growth of SMEs on Amazon goes hand in hand with the protection of their brands. That is why we are constantly innovating the way we ensure a reliable buying and selling experience for our customers and selling partners every day.

In 2022 alone, we invested over 1.2 billion euros worldwide and employed over 15,000 employees solely for combating fraud, counterfeit, and abuse. We have innovated in our selling partner verification processes and invested in the development of brand-supportive technology solutions that allow us to monitor listings in our store, detect any infringing products, and remove them.

Piastrelle CEAR Ceramiche.Jpg
Cear Ceramiche from Sicily
Anna Romano nel laboratorio aziendale.Jpg
Cear Ceramiche from Sicily

In such a complex environment, our actions are once again aimed at innovation, creating tools and opportunities capable of supporting the growth of our selling partners.

Our success is inextricably linked to theirs, and ‘Made in Italy Days’ is an initiative born out of this awareness, with the aim of supporting the internationalisation of Italian companies, enabling them to reach a global audience.