We were recently recognized as a Top Employer in Spain, Italy and France by the Top Employers Institute. This certification is one of the world’s most prestigious in the field of human resources management, acknowledging the quality of the work environment, professional development opportunities and programs available to our employees.

This new certification highlights our initiatives to enable employees to begin and further develop their careers in a fulfilling work environment. The program has certified and recognized over 1,600 organizations in 120 countries and regions.

“Despite the challenging year we have experienced (which has certainly made an impact on organizations around the globe), Amazon has continued to demonstrate the power of putting their people first in the workplace. We are proud to share this year’s announcement and congratulate the organizations who have been certified in their respective countries through the Top Employers Institute program” says David Plink, Top Employers Institute CEO.

In Italy, we have created more than 9,500 jobs in the country over the last 10 years. These include positions for people from a variety of backgrounds, career aspirations, education and skill levels – from workers and entry-level positions to engineers, software developers and cloud experts. All the roles offer excellent pay from day one.

In Spain, we have 12,000 permanent employees and created 5,000 new positions in 2020 alone. All of our employees in the country receive industry-leading benefits such as private health insurance, an employee discount and a company pension plan.

In 2021, in France, we will be creating 3,000 new permanent jobs . An entry-level employee’s salary is 26% above the French legal minimum wages (SMIC), after 24 months in the company.

In these countries, employees at our logistic centers can also access the Career Choice program, through which the company supports them in accessing training in their field of choice.

At Amazon, we share a culture in which inclusion is the norm. We value gender equality and diversity as a driver of innovation and creativity to serve our customers. More information on our inclusive culture can be found here.

About The Top Employers Institute Certification Program
Founded 30 years ago, Top Employers Institute has certified more than 1,600 organizations in 120 countries/regions, positively impacting the lives of seven million employees worldwide.

The Institute certifies excellence in HR practices and is helping to accelerate the impact of these practices to improve the world of work. The Top Employers Institute certification program allows participating organizations to be validated, certified and recognized as leading employers.

The ‘HR Best Practices Survey’ is an analysis conducted periodically, comprised of 100+ questions on 600 staff development practices covering the topics of: talent strategy, workforce planning, talent acquisition, on-boarding, learning and skills development, performance management, leadership development, career and succession management, compensation and benefits and culture.