As we continue to grow our teams in Romania, we invite you to learn more about the ground-breaking work done at Amazon Development Centre Romania (ADCR), as presented by our colleagues during GoTech World, which took place in Bucharest, Romania on 8-9 November. At a two-day conference that brought together 13,800 professionals, including 6,000 from the tech realm, amongst 165 speakers covering topics like Cybersecurity, AI, Java, DevOps, IT Ops, UX/UI, and Digital Marketing, our team gave three tech talks and an opening speech on the conference’s AI Stage, showcasing Amazon’s spirit of innovation. ADCR employs experts in Cloud Computing, Information Security, Machine Learning, and Data Analysis, as well as business teams in Retail, Compliance, Digital Imaging Services, and Amazon Creative Services.

Unlocking the secrets of access security for critical resources

Dinesh Rajasekharan, Principal PMT for Security Products.jpg
Dinesh Rajasekharan, Amazon’s Principal Technical Product Manager for Security Products, Identity and Access Management

Dinesh Rajasekharan, Amazon’s Principal PMT for Security Products, Identity & Access Management, spoke on November 8th, unravelling the intricacies of enhancing access security for critical resources on the conference’s Business Transformation Stage. With over a decade of experience in developing and launching security products and services, Dinesh shared insights on navigating the evolving threat landscape. His session, titled "Securing Access to Critical Resources in the Age of Generative AI”, delved into the challenges posed by tools like Generative Artificial Intelligence (Gen AI). Attendees discovered how security researchers and organisations are leveraging Gen AI to establish a framework for safeguarding critical resources in this new era.

Exploring the intersection of social media, AI, and data privacy

Alex Balint, Sr. Manager SDO Privacy.JPG
Alex Balint, Amazon’s Sr. Manager for Privacy of Stores, Devices and Others

Alex Balint, Amazon’s Sr. Manager SDO Privacy, held a session on the Cybersecurity Stage, sharing his perspectives on the impact of social media and AI on data privacy. His talk highlighted the critical challenges arising at the crossroads of these technological advancements and regulatory compliance. The session shed light on how personal data is essential for AI deep-learning processes and social media recommendation engines, emphasising the need for robust protective measures.

Navigating the frontiers of AI

Ciprian Hodorogea, Sr. Manager Leading Compliance & Safety (2).JPG
Ciprian Hodorogea, Amazon’s Sr. Manager in Software Development - Compliance & Safety
Ciprian Hodorogea, Sr. Manager Leading Compliance & Safety (1).jpg
Ciprian Hodorogea, Amazon’s Sr. Manager in Software Development - Compliance & Safety

Ciprian Hodorogea, Amazon’s Sr. Manager in Software Development - Compliance & Safety, kickstarted the talks on the AI Stage on day two. Ciprian's session provided a closer look at the possibilities and challenges posed by generative AI, offering valuable perspectives for tech enthusiasts and professionals alike. His insightful dive into the frontiers of AI showcased Amazon’s commitment to democratising and advancing the cutting edge of technology.

A glimpse into energy-efficient AI

Valentin Radu, Applied Scientist II Ring.JPG
Valentin Radu, Applied Scientist at Ring

Valentin Radu, Applied Scientist at Ring, took the audience on a journey into the world of energy-efficient AI. With a Ph.D. in Intelligent Systems and a focus on machine learning operating on low-power devices, Valentin highlighted the hidden costs of AI, particularly its environmental impact. His talk underscored the importance of sustainable AI practices, addressing the energy consumption challenges associated with this ground-breaking technology, and some of the ways in which we work to overcome them.

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