We’re bringing Alexa, the brain that powers Amazon Echo, to Europe, along with two Alexa-enabled devices: Echo and the all-new Echo Dot.

Amazon Echo device in kitchen setting

The original inspiration for the Amazon Echo was the Star Trek computer. We wanted to create a computer in the cloud that’s controlled entirely by your voice. There are hard problems to solve to create a voice-controlled, cloud-based computer – we’ve spent years of invention on this. When we started working on this, the technology didn’t even exist – we had to invent it. We’re fortunate to have the power of the AWS cloud to put behind it, and we have teams of incredibly talented speech scientists working on solving these very hard problems.

Alexa has a wide range of capabilities and she’s getting smarter each day. She can play music, answer questions, get the news and weather, create to-do lists, help manage your smart home devices and even read books to you.

Because Alexa is built in the cloud and leverages the power of AWS, she’s continually learning and adding more functionality. We have teams working on Echo and Alexa all over the world—including several across Europe.

Plus, the Alexa Skills Kit allows developers to build new skills for Alexa, which expands Alexa’s skillset on top of the work our teams are doing internally.

Echo is currently available in the UK and for pre-order in Germany, read the links below for more information:

Germany Press Release (German) for information on the launch for amazon.de customers

UK Press Release (English) for information on the launch for amazon.co.uk customers

Product information and purchase page (DE customers)

Product information and purchase page (UK customers)

Follow this link for more info and to watch a video

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