Just in time for Eid al-Fitr, Amazon is bringing back our annual special edition Eid eGift Card collections for customers in Saudi Arabia and the UAE, brought to life in collaboration with talented artists from the region.

Centred around togetherness, feasts, and gifting between family and friends, Eid al-Fitr celebrates the end of the Holy month of Ramadan fasting. Each design stems from the artists’ interpretations of Eid and brings to life elements from the celebrations, the culture, and the heritage shared across the region, while infusing their own personal attachment to the Holy season.

In Saudi Arabia, Amazon collaborated once again with Aleradah Organisation for Talented People with Disability, an organisation dedicated to uplifting talented people with disabilities across the Kingdom. In the UAE, Amazon collaborated with Mawaheb Art Studio for People of Determination, an organisation committed to supporting people through art classes and workshops.

The Amazon.sa Eid eGift Card designs

Eid eGift card design - Aleradah new.jpg
Eid eGift card design - Aleradah new .jpg

This year’s collection enlists two hand-drawn designs from Saudi female artists at Aleradah Organisation, created exclusively for Amazon.sa customers.

One of the designs was created by Ibtissam Bajadber, whose captivating art reflects family gatherings, in the midst of colourful decorations and lights. Mohamadia Zakari’s artwork also joins the collection, depicting the joyous spirit of Eid through popular traditional desserts and treats served for loved ones during the festivities.

Mr. Abdullah Jeraid, Executive Director of Aleradah Organisation, said: ‘‘Eid holds profound significance in Saudi Arabia, and we are thrilled to once again partner with Amazon for this celebration. At Aleradah Organisation, our mission is to empower and elevate talented individuals with disabilities throughout the Kingdom. Through this meaningful collaboration with Amazon, our artists have been given a platform to showcase their creativity and skills in art, with the hope of inspiring diverse communities across the Kingdom during the Eid.’’

The Amazon.ae eGift Card designs

Eid eGift card design - Mawaheb new.jpg
Eid eGift card design - Mawaheb newjpg

This year’s collection for Amazon.ae customers features two hand-drawn designs from artists at Mahaweb Art Studio.
One of the designs was created by Sara Al Baluchi, whose art consists of a colourful crescent that signifies the beginning of Eid and end of the Holy month of Ramadan. Namrata Pagarani’s artwork also joins the collection, depicting the joyous spirit of Eid through traditional decorations, with a beautiful depiction of pink and purple lanterns.

Wemmy de Maaker, Founder and Director of the Mawaheb Art Studio, said: “Our collaboration with Amazon.ae is a testament to the transformative power of art and inclusion. Since our inception in 2010, Mawaheb has been dedicated to providing a platform for People of Determination to express themselves creatively and develop their skills. This partnership not only allows our artists to showcase their talents to a wider audience but also highlights the importance of embracing diversity and celebrating the unique abilities of every individual.”

How to shop with Amazon Eid eGift Cards

The special edition Amazon Eid eGift Cards are redeemable against millions of local and international items sold on Amazon.sa and Amazon.ae, from more than 30 categories such as beauty, fashion, home, kitchen, and electronics, offering the perfect solution for hassle-free-but-meaningful gifting this Eid.

The Amazon Eid eGift Card collections are available in dual language, with ‘Eid Mubarak' messages available in both Arabic and English. When purchasing the eGift Cards, customers can also directly email them to loved ones with a personalised message of their choice.

The full Amazon Eid eGift Card collections are now available for purchase at a variety of balance amounts on Amazon.sa/giftcards in Saudi Arabia, and Amazon.ae/giftcards in the UAE, or through the Amazon app.