We’re excited to welcome the AWS Pop-up Loft to Dublin for the very first time.

The Loft will make its Irish debut on 9-13 April 2018 at the Amazon Offices in the center of Dublin.

The Loft is a physical place where customers can come to learn about AWS services in a face-to-face environment and aims to help cultivate a community of Irish customers that can learn from each other. Startups will have the opportunity to get in-person support and education on AWS, to network, get some work done, or just hang out with peers.

We have been working closely with the startup community since we launched AWS back in 2006. Over this time we have had feedback from startups asking us for additional ways in which we can provide them with the education, guidance and mentoring they need to be successful. It was this kind of feedback that led us to start the AWS Pop-up Loft programme. Opening the Dublin Loft we hope will help us to cultivate and expand the base of Irish startups such as LogoGrab, Rapid7, Swiftcomply, Swrve, Teamwork and Zeto building successful businesses in the cloud.

The Irish Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation Heather Humphreys welcomed the AWS Loft to Dublin: “I’m delighted that Amazon Web Services (AWS) are bringing their Pop-Up Loft programme to Dublin as Ireland’s reputation for start-ups continues to go from strength to strength. The timing of this is welcome as the latest innovations in cloud computing are transforming the potential of Irish businesses from start-ups to enterprises. The Government’s Action Plan for Jobs 2018 places a strong focus on boosting productivity, competitiveness, and innovation.

These goals can be achieved by Irish companies that take advantage of the benefits cloud computing can offer. It is fantastic to see events like AWS Loft bring the latest thinking on cloud computing to Irish start-ups who are looking to make their mark in the global market.”

Customers excited about the opening of the AWS Pop-up Loft in Dublin

Brandon Turner, Directory Platform Delivery, Rapid7 said:

“We built our business on AWS, and everything we do is in the cloud. We look forward to presenting at the AWS Pop-up Loft when it opens, sharing some of our experiences of growing an international business on AWS and some of the advice we would give to other startups on the same journey we were on only a few years ago.”

Michael O'Dwyer, CEO of Swiftcomply said:

"AWS has been a key partner to SwiftComply, supporting our growth by providing hands-on training and information on the latest innovations and current best practices. We look forward to sharing our experiences with other startups in the Dublin Loft."

Andrew Betson, Director of Production Operations, Swrve said:

“Swrve relied on AWS to be our infrastructure partner since the company was founded over 7 years ago and has led our cloud-first strategy. AWS has allowed us to deliver extremely high levels of reliability to our customers and enabled us to scale to 14 billion events collected per day. We take every opportunity to spend time with the AWS team, and we are delighted they have brought the Loft to Dublin.”

Gavin O'Brien, Chief People Officer at Teamwork, said:

“Moving our business to AWS has enabled us to scale and grow incredibly quickly. We have been able to develop new features and improvements to add value for our customers. Having additional access and one to one time with technical experts is an invaluable resource for any company wanting to grow their business. We are looking forward to spending time in the AWS Pop-up Loft, Dublin.”

Jonathan Harrington, CTO of Zeto said:

"As a team, we are big fans of lifelong learning, and we strive to continuously grow and improve. We have found AWS events a great way to learn about the latest AWS innovations and to network and share best practices with fellow AWS users."

What is the AWS Pop-up Loft?

The Loft is a temporary free co-working space where anyone can stop by to hang out, network, get technical advice from AWS experts or take part in a range of activities aimed at finding out how AWS can help to boost their business.

Visitors can choose from a packed programme of sessions covering everything from AI and machine learning to cloud security, big data analytics, and building voice-controlled interfaces. Those heading down to The Loft will be able to find out more about how AWS services can help them to move forward with their projects.

What’s more, they’ll have the opportunity to book in 1:1, 30-minute sessions with an AWS Solutions Architect who will be able to advise them on anything AWS-related and give them guidance for their projects.

They’ll also be a Startup Showcase which will show fledgling companies how different AWS programmes can help them to scale their business while keeping costs down.

How do I get involved?

All you have to do is sign up for a free Loft membership — it only takes 5 minutes, and as a Loft member, you’ll be able to drop in anytime to use the co-working space, attend a session or book a meeting with a Solutions Architect. The Loft will be open Monday-Friday, 09:00 to 18:00.