Martin Gindel is a trained educationist and Andreas Hastedt has a degree in automation technology. Although the two men have very different educational backgrounds, they have much in common.

Both Martin and Andreas were enlisted in the German armed forces for 12 years. Today they work at Amazon. Specifically: At the Logistics Centre HAM2 in Winsen an der Luhe.

Like many soldiers approaching the end of their military careers, Martin and Andreas had many questions too:

End of military service and then what?After the Armed Forces, what next? Where is the knowledge and experience that we have gained as soldiers especially in demand? Where can we develop professionally and personally?

Konstantin Runkel is in charge of the Military Hiring department at Amazon. Konstantin has also served in the military and he understands the needs of soldiers. He can assess their previous knowledge and connect them with the various departments in Amazon.

We’ve had very good experiences with employees coming from the German armed forces. They are well-trained and have taken on responsibilities from a young age and gained leadership experience.
Konstantin Runkel, Military Recruiter at Amazon

“We’ve had very good experiences with employees coming from the German Armed Forces. They are well-trained and have taken on responsibilities from a young age and gained leadership experience,” says Konstantin Runkel, Military Recruiter at Amazon.

Applicants of all ranks with military background can find suitable roles at Amazon at The trend of hiring soldiers for companies after discharge from the military started in the U.S. Amazon has been recruiting ex-military personnel in the United States for many years now.

Top-notch team player

Martin does not regret his move to Amazon. On the contrary, today he leads a team responsible for the processes involved in the storage and removal of goods. The fact that the transition from a government job to a private business went so smoothly, had a lot to do with the knowledge that he acquired in the army.

“As an enlisted soldier, I have learnt to structure processes, to motivate a team and achieve ambitious goals. All of these things are very helpful in my current job,” says Martin.

Andreas can also fall back on his sound training in the army to guide him through his job. As an automation technology engineer, he is particularly fascinated by the high technical level at Amazon, as well as the team spirit that promotes and demands innovation.

“My team is technically top-notch. It's just fun to go home in the evening after you’ve solved a problem together and made the parcel conveyor system a little better,” says Andreas.

And how does it work with the colleagues? Were there any reservations against employees coming from the military environment?

Martin and Andreas know these questions, even if they are irrelevant in their everyday work life.

“I would describe my leadership style as cooperative. There’s really no other way, because everyone must pull together for success,” says Andreas.

“I was taught in the military that it's not what you say, but how you say it. One who is too impulsive, cannot lead calmly,” says Martin.

Their colleagues can confirm that too. For instance, Area Manager, Lisa Becker has noted that the military experience of her superiors has a very positive impact on everyday life. “Clear communication and courage to make decisions even in stressful situations. That is certainly something that was also in demand in the military, and what makes our daily work much easier here,” says Lisa.