Amazon has announced it will open three new delivery stations in Barcelona, Montcada and Mollet del Vallés, to further enhance delivery speeds for customers in the region. These three new delivery stations will create over 270 permanent jobs with competitive salaries, industry-leading benefits. In addition, 20 independent local delivery companies that will work with Amazon will hire more than 800 drivers who will collect parcels from the delivery stations and deliver them to Amazon customers in their local communities.

Delivery stations power the last mile of Amazon’s order process and help improve the delivery experience for customers. Packages are shipped to a Delivery Station from neighboring Amazon Fulfillment and Sortation Centers, loaded into delivery vehicles and delivered to customers. In the case of Catalonia, Amazon already had three delivery stations in Zona Franca, Rubí and Martorelles, and announced last week a new delivery station in Tarragona. Find out more about Amazon's presence in Catalonia.

“We are excited to continue to invest in the region of Catalonia with three new delivery stations that will provide efficient delivery for customers, and create hundreds of job opportunities for the talented workforce”, commented Paolo Patrone, Director of Amazon Logistics in Spain.


The building with over 10,700 square meters – which will be located in the Motsolís industrial park, on Carrer del Canem - is expected to start operations in October of this year, and will create more than 60 permanent jobs, in addition to more than 400 indirect job opportunities for drivers of the 6 delivery partners companies.

Mollet del Vallès

The building with over 10,400 square meters – which will be located in the Can Magarola industrial park, on Can Maagrola Avenue - is expected to start operations also in October of this year, and will create close to 130 permanent jobs, in addition to more than 170 indirect job opportunities for drivers of the 6 partners companies with which Amazon will collaborate in this locality.

Montcada y Reixach

The building with over 13,490 square meters – which will be located in Placita d’en Coll, in Carrer Fresser - is expected to start operations also in October of this year, creating more than 80 permanent jobs, as well as indirect job opportunities for more than 230 drivers who will work for the 8 local delivery partners.

Amazon’s support to local SMEs

There are more than 9,000 SMEs based in Spain that sell on Amazon. In 2019, these SMEs exceeded 450 million euros in exports, which is an increase compared to 400 million euros the previous year. In 2019, more than 2,000 SMEs from Catalonia exported products through Amazon and gained more than 100 million euros revenue.

Sustainable buildings

Montcada amazon center
The Montcada y Reixach center which will be located in Placita d’en Coll, in Carrer Fresser

The roof and siding of these three new centers were made using high quality materials designed for optimum isolation and energy efficiency. In addition, 500sqm of photovoltaic solar panels will be installed on the rooftop producing 100 kWp of electricity. Moreover, each building will extensively use LED lighting, as well as a significant amount of windows and skylights will provide a good amount of natural lighting smoothly balanced, where needed, by the artificial lighting. Finally, each of Amazon’s new last mile centers has pre-installed electric chargers to enable the delivery companies with which Amazon collaborates to charge the electric vehicles in their fleet, and therefore promoting the adoption of sustainable transport.

Working at Amazon

Amazon is a great place to work with highly competitive pay, training programs and industry-leading benefits from day one for its workers. Among some of these benefits is the Career Choice program, through which the company supports employees in accessing adult training in their field of choice, financing 95% of tuition and associated fees up to an amount of €8,000 over four years.

"Joining Amazon has been a big change in my life, as during the pandemic I lost my job as a teacher. Amazon has offered me peace of mind and a steady salary that I can take home to my family, as well as it is a place where I have the opportunity to grow professionally and personally, and where every effort is rewarded. In addition, one of the best things about being an Amazon employee is the salary and benefits, such as health and dental insurance, funeral and accident insurance, psychological support, pension plan, etc. This is something that very few companies offer and what I value the most in this case". - says Laia Carrillo, associate at Amazon's delivery station in Rubí.

“To me, Amazon has been a lifeline after losing my previous job and being unemployed for almost 4 years. Amazon gave me the opportunity that no other company wanted to give me. Now, it’s been almost 2 years since I joined the company and couldn’t be happier: great working conditions, fun environment and kind co-workers and managers… and I have been able to grow professionally, being recently promoted” – Cristina Alfonso Sigler, Operations supervisor at the Amazon delivery station in Barcelona.

Amazon has been recognized with the Top Employer 2021 certification, which validates the quality of the work environment and human resources programs offered to Amazon employees in Spain. The Top Employer certification highlights Amazon’s initiatives to enable employees to start and develop their careers in a fulfilling work environment – find out more.

The company prioritizes the safety and health of employees above all else, and so Amazon committed $11.5 billion in 2020 on COVID-related initiatives to help keep its employees globally safe and to get items to customers. This includes an investment of over $1.2 billion on measures like temperature checks, masks, gloves, enhanced cleaning and sanitation, and regular COVID testing in some countries, including Spain. Only in Spain, since the beginning of the pandemic Amazon has purchased more than 39 million pairs of gloves, over 17,9 million of facemasks, over 74 million units of disinfectant wipes and 12,7 million bottles of hands disinfectant.

Investing in Spain

Amazon’s Operations network in Spain started with the San Fernando de Henares (Madrid) Fulfilment Center, which started operations in 2012 – a year after the launch of Over the last eight years, the company has opened Fulfillment Centers in El Prat (Barcelona), Martorelles (Barcelona), Castellbisbal (Barcelona), Illescas (Toledo), Dos Hermanas (Seville), Alcalá de Henares (Madrid), and two recently announced fullfillment centers in Corvera (Murcia) and Illescas (Toledo). In addition, Amazon also has three urban fulfillment centers in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​which provide fast deliveries to its customers in these cities through the Amazon Fresh service. In addition, the company has two Sortation Centers, located in Getafe (Madrid) and Barberá del Vallés (Barcelona), and sixteen delivery stations located throughout the country to strengthen their delivery services for the benefit of customers and sellers.

Amazon has invested 6.8 billion euros between 2011 and 2020 in its Spanish infrastructure, shipments, salaries and benefits for employees, among others. In 2020 alone, Amazon invested 2.5 billion euros and created more than 5,000 jobs, increasing its workforce to 12,000 permanent employees in Spain. In addition to these permanent jobs, Amazon onboarded 7,000 people to support its Operations across the country during the last Christmas season.

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