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Digital Services Act Expert Panel – European Parliament Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO)
Remarks on the Digital Services Act proposals by James Waterworth, EU Public Policy Director, Amazon. Continue reading
Discover how we work with policy makers in the EU.

Join our next virtual Amazon Academy on empowering SMEs across Europe

On December 7 at 4.00 PM CET, we’ll be live streaming our next Amazon Academy online.


Paris Peace Forum - Standing up for Children’s Rights in the Digital Environment

Remarks by Amazon Senior Vice President of International Consumer Russell Grandinetti at the Paris Peace Forum on 11 November 2021, where Amazon signed on to the Memorandum on “Standing up for Children’s Rights in the Digital Environment”
Economic Impact
See how Amazon's investments have impacted the European Union.
Click here for an interactive map
EU map for Economic Impact

How Amazon and third-party sellers together give customers more choice

At Amazon we are obsessed with making sure customers can have the best shopping experience. Our goal is to make sure when customers search for something they want, they can find it at a great price and available to be delivered as quickly as possible.

Supporting sellers with tools, insights, and data

Amazon has invested tens of billions in infrastructure and built hundreds of tools to help independent sellers succeed in our store—including data analytics that help independent sellers to better understand and reach customers.

Amazon and GoPro File Joint Lawsuit against Counterfeiters

In response to alleged GoPro trademark infringement by a number of sellers on Amazon stores, the two companies start legal proceedings aimed at holding the responsible counterfeiters accountable.

Amazon and Salvatore Ferragamo file two joint lawsuits against counterfeiters

Amazon strictly prohibits counterfeit products in its stores, and in 2019 alone, invested more than $500 million to protect customers and brands from fraud and abuse, including counterfeit.

Amazon launches Intellectual Property Accelerator program in Europe

Amazon launches Intellectual Property (IP) Accelerator program in Europe to help small businesses protect their brands and tackle counterfeit. IP Accelerator connects businesses with a network of trusted IP law firms who will charge pre-negotiated capped fees. Participating small businesses can access Amazon’s brand protection tools months before their trademark registration is issued.

Revisit our first virtual Amazon Academy on Delivering Sustainability in Europe

In 2019, we signed The Climate Pledge, and we dedicated this year's virtual Amazon Academy to “Delivering Sustainability in Europe - Net Zero Carbon by 2040”. Get a glimpse of the event here.

Supporting consumers and small businesses

The following reflections about retailing in Europe and protecting customers were shared by Amazon’s Vice President for EU Retail, Xavier Garambois, at a round-table with European Commissioner for the Internal Market Thierry Breton on December 2, 2020 regarding the upcoming Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act.

Amazon Project Zero launches in seven new countries

Project Zero empowers brands to partner with Amazon to drive counterfeits to zero across 17 worldwide stores.

Amazon establishes new Counterfeit Crimes Unit to Bring Counterfeiters to Justice

New, global team is dedicated to investigating, finding, and launching legal action and criminal referrals against counterfeiters.

Amazon and Valentino file joint lawsuit against New York-based counterfeiter

Lawsuit is a First for Both Brands: Amazon’s First Joint Litigation with a Luxury Fashion Brand and Valentino’s First Joint Litigation with an Online Retailer

Safeguarding customers during COVID-19

Read about how we’re working tirelessly to combat attempts to scam consumers during the current crisis.

Celebrating Italy in Brussels: Check out what’s behind the ‘Made in Italy’ Amazon Academy

We recently kicked off our #AmazonAcademy2019 in Brussels. Discover the photos and the videos of our latest Amazon Academy focusing on the “Made in Italy” showcase.

The Climate Pledge

Amazon co-founds a commitment to meet the Paris Agreement 10 years early.

A new year and fresh opportunities – Female Entrepreneurs Of The Future Wanted

Owners and CEOs who want to expand their e-commerce business are invited to sign up for our ‘Female Entrepreneurs Of The Future’ (Unternehmerinnen der Zukunft) in Germany in 2019.

Our Amazon Academy program across Europe

Since 2015, the academy has been a meeting place for our customers and partners, future-oriented optimists, pioneers and influencers of digitalization.
Watch our first virtual Amazon Academy on Delivering Sustainability
In 2019, we signed The Climate Pledge, and in line with our commitment, we dedicated our virtual Amazon Academy on November 18 2020 to “Delivering Sustainability in Europe - Net Zero Carbon by 2040”.
Get a glimpse of the event here
Banner Image Amazon Academy 2020 Speakers
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