Since the European Commission made designations under the Digital Markets Act (DMA) in September last year, we’ve been working with our customers, sellers, internal teams and the European Commission to make sure our business complies with the new requirements.


We’ve implemented prompts asking customers to share consent if they want to benefit from a personalized experience across our EU Store and other Amazon Services like Prime Video and Audible. We also ask customers for consent to use their personal information from any Amazon or third-party service to show them personalized ads. To explain this update, we have introduced a help page.

Data Portability

Our customers can share data to a third party they trust through various tools, and authorise a seller to have access to data about their engagement with the seller’s products.

Displaying Offers

We’ve built on the Commitments we made to the European Commission back in 2022, which included continuing to ensure that the criteria that determine the “Featured Offer” on our product detail page treat third-party sellers and Amazon retail equally. Customers can be assured they continue to see the most relevant products and the best “Featured Offer” we can provide.


Our advertising customers will have pricing reports that meet the DMA requirements and can independently verify the success and impact of their campaigns in a dedicated secure data environment - a clean room. You can read more details about the DMA and Amazon Ads here.

User experience

Prior to the launch of new features, we conducted user studies with some of our customers, selling partners, advertising customers and other stakeholders on key DMA requirements. We’re grateful to those who have provided feedback. Looking ahead, we welcome comments from all stakeholders, including customers, sellers and advertising customers, to help us make improvements.

You can read more details in the compliance report here.