Our co-workers are at the heart of Amazon - that's why we care about their health, safe jobs and diverse, long-term future prospects. We want to be the world's best and safest employer, and "Hire and Develop the Best" is one of our Leadership Principles, applying everywhere in the world where we operate – including Amazon in Austria.

Our employees introduce themselves

At the end of 2018, our first logistics location in Austria launched: the distribution centre in Großebersdorf. Amazon now operates four distribution centres in Austria and employs several hundred employees. Our distribution centres are part of the "last mile" of the supply chain - where the packages arrive from the logistics centres, where they’re sorted, and where deliveries are coordinated. Hear from five employees who tell us what it's like to work for Amazon:

Working at Amazon Austria: Latifa

"The team spirit is very strong"

"The best thing about my job is that I work with a lot of people," says Latifa, team leader at the Amazon distribution centre in Liesing, Vienna. "We support each other, help each other out, give each other advice among co-workers, managers and team leads.” Latifa was born in Morocco, has worked in Italy, and has now been working in Austria since 2019. She started as an employee in the sorting department of the distribution centre in Großebersdorf. She quickly moved to the then new distribution centre in Liesing and helped set up the location there. "It really worked out very well for me," she says. She appreciates that all employees have the opportunity to give regular feedback: "Our opinion is actively sought: whether in personal meetings or anonymously via an app. Everyone can get involved and express requests and suggestions for improvement," she says.

"As a team leader, I find the health and safety of our employees is a main priority."

Latifa, team leader, Amazon distribution centre in Liesing, Vienna.

Working at Amazon Austria: Daniel C.

From a career changer to a shift manager who has found professional fulfilment: Daniel originally hails from Mexico where he studied civil engineering and completed a doctorate in bioclimatic architecture. At the beginning of 2020, Daniel followed his partner to Vienna. Finding a job in construction was difficult due to the emerging Coronavirus pandemic. "When I arrived in Austria, I didn't yet know any German, I started from scratch: new country, new language, new industry. At Amazon that wasn't a problem and I was given the opportunity to learn the language and develop my career at the same time,” he says. He never took that for granted: "I've never worked in a company where there are such opportunities for further development. I feel heard and valued here."

"The working atmosphere is appreciative of the employees and everyone is always open to constructive communication: As an employee, I feel I can get involved and discuss new ideas and approaches with my managers.”
Daniel, shift manager, Amazon distribution centre in Simmering, Vienna

Working at Amazon Austria: Moustafa

A wide range of opportunities for development and promotion

Moustafa has been with Amazon since 2019 and started as an employee in the sorting department of the distribution centre in Großebersdorf. "My supervisor at the time recognised my personal commitment and encouraged me to pursue a career as a shift manager. Within a short time, I was able to take on more and more responsibilities," Moustafa says. He has now advanced to a position as interim shift manager. “The team atmosphere is really good and very close-knit - we talk openly with each other, whether at work or privately. For example, I regularly organise soccer training sessions for the team."

"I also recommend Amazon as an employer among my family and friends. A friend of mine has been working at Amazon for a year now, thanks to my recommendation."
Moustafa, interim shift manager, Amazon distribution centre in Großebersdorf, Lower Austria

Working at Amazon Austria: Fareba

Fareba comes from Afghanistan and appreciates the diversity at Amazon: "At Amazon they say: ‘Come as you are!’ Never mind different cultures, different languages, different religious backgrounds - we are all one team," she says. "Some people wear headscarves, others have tattoos - at Amazon you are respected for who you are." She started a year and a half ago as an employee in the sorting department of the distribution centre in Liesing: "If you want to, you are welcome to express your interests and get a taste of the different positions and departments at Amazon. That's what I did and I have now been promoted to team leader in the transport department." Fareba enjoys the work: "It never gets boring. You learn something new every day!"

"Further training and development are actively promoted: everyone gets a chance."
Fareba, team leader, Amazon distribution centre in Liesing, Vienna

Working at Amazon Austria: Daniel R.

Daniel, who works as an administrative assistant at the distribution centre in Großebersdorf, also appreciates his varied work at Amazon in Austria. "No two days are the same. My work consists of many different projects. That’s what makes it so exciting and entertaining," he says. Daniel originally comes from Germany and has been working at Amazon in Austria for three years now. "Language isn’t a priority at Amazon – it’s important that you speak English, but you don’t necessarily have to be able to speak German. This allows many qualified, international colleagues to find work here, who would otherwise have a difficult time in Austria. The international environment at Amazon is definitely our strength!" he says.

"It’s not important whether or what kind of degree or title you have, it’s the work you do that counts."
Daniel, administrative assistant, Amazon distribution centre in Großebersdorf

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