“Being diverse means being who you are. And don’t be afraid to be who you are,” told Mariangela as she was having a fireside chat on diversity and inclusion at our EU head office in Luxembourg.

She spoke about recognizing any unconscious bias: personality, gender, race etc. “Diversity is enriching for all of us. The unconscious bias exists; it is connected to human nature. We need to be intentional regarding females,” said Mariangela.

She explained how she adopted a new work methodology building on her strengths. She also recommended emotional intelligence.

“Amazon offers very diverse set of opportunities if you’re willing to embrace change. One shouldn’t be afraid of working in the unknown,” declared Mariangela, as she explained how she grew in the company and challenged herself through different roles. She led a discussion on how women should break stereotypes and be firm in their resolve.

Around 70 Amazonians based in Luxembourg attended the fireside chat and had the opportunity to learn and engage with our female leaders.