Glamazon in Europe: Happy Pride Month!

For the first time, Glamazonians in European countries like the UK, Germany, Italy and Czech Republic will participate in the Pride parades this year. These are just some of the activities planned to be carried out across Amazon EU: Photo competitions, building takeovers, Pride menus to get the rainbow touch, themed playlists from Amazon Music, health and wellness sessions, discussions, book clubs, summer parties and more.

At Amazon, diversity is part of our DNA. Our Glamazon Affinity Group has recently set up in Europe to promote tolerance and equal rights.

All Amazonians are invited to participate to their own Pride month event.

An email list called Glamazon

The origin of Glamazon dates back nearly 20 years to 1999. An Amazonian from Seattle wanted to network with other LGBTQ colleagues and launched the "GLamazon" email list. "G" and "L" stood for "Gay" and "Lesbian". A new community was born which exchanged via e-mail and met regularly. In 2005, the result became an official affinity group and networked beyond the United States, though, it is still present at events such as the Seattle Pride Parade.

The idea inspired similar groups worldwide: Today, there are more than 40 local branches of the group - from Seattle to Costa Rica and Prague to Germany.

Pride month takes place every June to commemorate the Stonewall riots of 1969. After police raided the Stonewall Inn in New York, a riot broke out as a response to years of systematic oppression. This was followed by several days of demonstrations across the United States fighting for LGBT legitimacy and acceptance.

Pride is a time for everyone to come together and celebrate who we are.