Electrical and electronic equipment is part of our everyday lives. Unfortunately, once it’s no longer needed, it can end up in the household waste. In fact, tons of recyclable items end up in landfills every year, where they harm the environment, wildlife and, ultimately, human health.

There are more environmentally-friendly ways of disposing of electrical and electronic equipment and we explain the different options on our recycling website.

As an Amazon customer, you can make use of our take-back program for electrical and electronic equipment you no longer need by requesting a courier pickup from one of Amazon's recycling partners. Alternatively, in the countries where it is available, items can be mailed to Amazon recycling partners using a prepaid label, or taken to thousands of UPS drop-off points across Europe.

Amazon takes its environmental responsibilities very seriously. We provide convenient product recycling to customers in 24 countries across Europe and we are committed to raising awareness of the service
Robert ter Kuile, Director of Amazon’s Environmental Assurance and Protection team

Watch our video to learn more about how we can help to recycle your electrical and electronic equipment easily. And remember to delete your personal data from your old devices before disposing of them!

To learn more visit:
United Kingdom: www.amazon.co.uk/recycling
Italy: www.amazon.it/riciclo
Spain: www.amazon.es/reciclaje
France: www.amazon.fr/recyclage
Germany: www.amazon.de/recycling
Netherlands: www.amazon.nl/recycling
Sweden: www.amazon.se/atervinning
Turkey: www.amazon.com.tr/geri.donusum