We are happy to announce that Amazon has signed the European Commission’s Digital Consumer Rights Commitments, which set out to improve and facilitate the consumer experience online.

Amazon’s Director for EU Public Policy, James Waterworth, signed the Commitments at a signing ceremony with the EU’s Commissioner, Didier Reynders, at the annual Digital Consumer Event at the European Parliament, together with ten other signatories.

James said: “This is an important step to demonstrate that dialogue and partnership are essential to delivering real outcomes for consumers, raising the bar across industries and inspiring future work in this area. As Amazon strives to be the world’s most customer-centric company, we do so by ensuring that our customer service is best-in-class and that customers and selling partners can buy and sell safely across our stores.”

James waterworth Improving consumer rights online: Amazon signs up to EU voluntary measures

The Commitments focus on making it easy for consumers to withdraw from purchases of goods and ensure access to humans in complaint handling; raising the bar in the fight against fake reviews; educating sellers concerning the main concepts of EU consumer rights; and requiring influencer marketers to be transparent in their commercial promotions. The Commitments will come into effect in July 2024.

The Digital Consumer Rights Commitments are part of a broader EU Consumer Protection Pledge, which also includes the ‘Product Safety Pledge+’, which Amazon signed in March 2023. Both aim to improve consumer protection via standard setting through voluntary measures.

Amazon is known for its customer obsession, and a critical part of that is earning and maintaining our customers’ trust, which is why we are so focused on creating a trustworthy shopping experience each and every day.

Improving consumer rights online: Amazon signs up to EU voluntary measures 2

Amazon is proud to stand behind these Commitments and similar initiatives, such as the Blueprint for Trustworthy Reviews - a series of steps for greater collaboration across the private and public sectors on fake reviews.

Amazon is once again pleased to be working with the European Commission to protect the safety of consumers across Europe.