Amazon this week signed up to join the EUIPO’s Intellectual Property Enforcement Portal (IPEP), as both a business and as a rights holder.

IPEP is a centralised platform for the exchange of information related to intellectual property (IP) rights. The portal allows secure communication and exchange of details with a wide variety of IP stakeholders; such as rights holders, customs officials, law enforcement, and market surveillance authorities.

“Amazon is excited to be signing up to the EUIPO’s Intellectual Property Enforcement Portal, both as a rights holder ourselves and as a marketplace service provider committed to protecting the intellectual property rights of others. We look forward to working together through IPEP with all the relevant players,” said Dharmesh Mehta, Amazon’s Vice President for Worldwide Selling Partner Services.

We believe there should be more information sharing between private and public sectors in the IP space, as laid out in our Blueprint of 2021; and by signing up to IPEP as both a store and an IP rights owner, we are committing to further collaboration within the private and public IP ecosystem.

IPEP will also be key in the fight against counterfeit products, an area where Amazon has a zero-tolerance policy. We have proactive measures in place to prevent counterfeit products from being listed and continuously monitor our store. If we identify an issue, we act quickly to protect customers and brands, including removing counterfeit listings and blocking accounts. We will continue to collaborate with brands and law enforcement to protect our customers from bad actors attempting to abuse our store.

For more information on IPEP, click here and for more information on our counterfeit efforts, click here.