Amazon recently organised a roundtable discussion at our Development Centre in Iaşi, Romania, hosting high-level officials like Marcel Ciolacu, Prime Minister of Romania; Mihai Ghigiu, Head of the Chancellery; and Bogdan Ivan, Minister of Digitalisation. The discussion focused on talent formation, attraction, and retention in Iaşi, and it quickly became evident that talent formation in Romania relies heavily on academia to provide foundational skills. Partnerships between academia and businesses were also emphasised as being essential to creating specialised courses and internships, which help close the knowledge gap between theory and practice.

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The IT industry - a strategic vector of Romania's economy

Advancements in various sectors are increasingly dependent on technology in Romania, underscoring the pivotal role of IT in driving innovation and continuous growth. Panelists at the roundtable agreed that talent retention goes beyond monetary incentives and is influenced by a holistic approach to socio-economic factors. This includes improving the education system (important for employees with families), enhancing high quality healthcare services, and investing in infrastructure and transportation.

The roundtable provided valuable insights into the complexities of talent formation, attraction, and retention in Iaşi. By fostering collaboration between academia, industry, and the government, we can work towards building a skilled workforce that drives innovation and propels Romania towards a prosperous future.

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